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Now presenting Asundra Blog from Asundra Corp. Feel free to subscribe and share! For all your writing services, crochet, arts & writings, etc 60X Custom Strings has high-quality longbow string and recurve bow string replacements to meet your needs. We can help you find the perfect string replacement for your bow to ensure better performance and capabilities. Whether you're going out to hunt or you're practicing to show off your skills at an upcoming competition — stringing your bow with 60X Custom Strings provides you more. We build custom strings for virtually every recurve bow, and long bow, new or old. We only use the finest BCY fibers, this combined with our revolutionary building processes allows us to deliver recurve bowstrings that are unmatched in quality and performance. We have 3 series of Recurve and Longbow strings that will meet every archers needs. Explore ProLine's extensive collection of longbow and recurve bowstrings. BCY 452X Custom Longbow & Recurve Bowstring. $ 27.50. Select options. 8125 Custom Longbow & Recurve Bowstring. $ 27.50. Select options. D97 Custom Longbow & Recurve Bowstring. $ 22.00

ThreadZ Custom Bowstrings handcrafts professional bowstrings for compound bows, crossbows, recurve bows and longbows. Build your custom bowstring with our String Builder, then order online Custom & made for your particular needs. Specializing in single-string bows including Olympic recurve, barebow, and traditional bows These Custom Flemish Twist Bowstrings are the best strings you can put on your traditional bow. These hand made Flemish strings for recurves and Longbows only use the finest materials and the most advanced string building techniques We can build custom made strings for all types of bows including single cam bows, dual cam bows, recurves, longbows and crossbows. Maximize your bow's peak performance and replace that old bowstring with a custom, handmade string, by a seasoned bow string maker Bowstring Customizer. Shop an expert line of custom bowstrings right here at VaporTrail! Enhancing overall performance with quality strings is possible with our bowstring customizer. Determine the best string out of our numerous bowstring collection, including compound custom, crossbow, recurve/longbow, Genesis, and stock string

Recurve Bowstring. We build our recurve bowstrings with the highest quality materials made. We offer recurve bowstrings in Mercury, Rhino, BCY X-99, 452X, TS+, 8190, XCEL, Ultra Cam and B55. There are no finer materials on the market at this time. All strings are pre stretched and served under tension to help prevent serving slipping, and. Our quality control and attention to detail makes our strings the best in the industry. All GAS Bowstrings and cables are built with our proprietary Total Tensioning System (TTS) to create superior string stability and insure zero creep, peep rotation & serving separation. This process is unlike many bowstring manufacturers, who simply stretch their strings and cables at a set weight JS Custom Strings - Archery, Bow String, Recurve Bow. —Specialising in traditional bowstrings Silent But Deadly Bow Strings are hand made Flemish twist bow strings and not just another bow string. Custom hand crafted high performance tradtional Flemish twist bow strings made with BCY D-97 fast flight material are super fast and scarey quiet Custom Flemish Twist Bow Strings . Simply Traditional Custom Flemish Bow Strings. Michigan Longbow Association Custom String. String maintenance, string materials and more. Broadheads, Points and Adapters . Magnus Classic Broadheads. Snuffer Broadheads. Grizzly Broadheads. Ace Archery Tackle

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Traditional Archery Supply provides custom standard Endless Loop and custom Flemish Twist bow strings for longbows and recurve bows. Endless Loop strings include nylon serving. Flemish twist strings use high-durability braided serving. We also have pre-made standard strings to fit many bows. Strings are measured either by AMO length or by. Large, corporate companies, to pro shop strings, to basement bowstring makers. Everyone seems to claim that they're the best bow strings you can buy. At Winner's Choice, we've worked for decades to create the ultimate bowstring stability and to make sure that creep, peep rotation, and serving separation are a thing of the past

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Custom Premium String. 0 3Choose your bow type & specs. Strand 1 (select a color) Strand 2 (select a color) Serving (select a color) BOW TYPE. Compound. Crossbow. Recurve. Long. STRING LENGTH (inches) STRING / CABLE SET. NOTES TO BUILDER (optional) * Due to the custom nature of the product, Winners Choice is not responsible for changes to build. Order your custom strings for the Matthews Genesis bows here. Click to Enlarge: Click to enlarge: Champion Custom Bowstrings 2716 Patton Flat/Oakland Rd ~ Fulton, MS 38843 (662)231-4817 (cell) ~ (662) 652-3499 (shop) Chad@recurves.com. Home | Disclaimers & Policies | Contact Us. recurve bow strings. Narrow Your Results. View. Sort By. 1 2. Replacement Bow String for Horse Bows. $19.99. Lynx II Hungarian Horse Bow Replacement Bow String. $19.99. Replacement Bow String for Yumi Nisun Japanese Traditional Bow. $51.99. B-55 Flemish Twist Bow String. $16.99. BCY-X Bow String. $31.99.

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String and Cable Sets. OEM Spec bowstring and cable sets for all Genesis Model bows. Choose from over a hundred different color combinations for one low price. Check out our color finger pads for additional customization! 100% satisfaction guaranteed Add the bow package to your bow order. Your custom made recurve or longbow will come with 4 tuned and fletched carbon arrows, a shooting glove, and a bow stringer for an additional $100! Also check out my page on The Basics of traditional archery to help you get started enjoying your new bow right away

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D97 Custom Longbow & Recurve Bowstring. $22.00. Custom D97 Recurve & Longbowstrings are available in 21 colors with 3D end servings & Black Halo center serving. Please be sure to provide you actual string length NOT your AMO length. Your string length is typically 4″ shorter then your AMO on recurves & 3″ shorter then your AMO on longbows Custom Recurve String Our standard recurve strings are made with 8125 from BCY USA. They are pre-stretched, twisted and served under tension with a Speciality Superserver which produces a string you can trust This item: Toparchery 46 - 49 Archery Bowstring Custom Bow String Nylon Handmade for Recurve Bow Takedown Longbow Horsebow Replacement String $7.99 Usually ships within 6 to 10 days 43-70'' Handmade Custom Bow Strings For Recurve Bow Longbow Archery 12 Strands. $15.23. Free shipping. 2 watching. Clickety Klick, bow string clicker draw check, For Recurves and Longbows. $18.95. $5.20 shipping. 120 sold. Flemish Twist Bow String Fast Flight recurve or longbow. $18.95

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  1. Leather Bow Rack for 5 BOWS traditional Recurves or Long bow Custom Handmade within a Day Simple removable. ARCHERYLEATHERART. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (37) $59.99. Only 1 available and it's in 2 people's carts. Add to Favorites. Red Flemish Twist Bow String. Custom Made B55 traditional archery Longbow, Recurve bows
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  3. Recurve String. (Specify Actual Length) $ 45.00. Estimated ship date 09/17/21. High Octane Custom: Recurve String quantity. Add to cart. Build your own. PayPal. Payment options

All strings are built to factory specifications and come standard with premium BCY end & center servings. Many popular bow makes and models are kept in stock. All High Octane Standard strings come with speed nocks installed to factory locations on applicable bows. See illustration below to assure you are selecting the right set of strings Recurve Bow Strings. View all. Sights & Accessories. View all. Stop video. Play video. See the process. Scorpion String Technology Scorpion Sting-Free Warranty MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE FROM EVERY STRING. Every Scorpion bow string is made to exacting standards, using the finest materials available with state of the art equipment.. Custom BowStrings. Truly Custom, I build one string at a time, I am the only one that builds custom bowstrings in my shop. They are not mass produced! My strings have produced World Champions, World Records, Gold Medals on the World Stage, Countless National, State and local Champions , not to mention successful hunter harvest all over the world

Our bows are built with top-shelf raw materials, OLD-SCHOOL woodworking techniques, tried-and-true trade secrets, modern machinery and an undying of passion for our craft. Draw from our Experience. We'll gladly walk you through the design process to find the BEST FIT for your custom recurve or longbow about jeffery custom bow takedown bows long bows one piece recurve in-stock custom bows available choosing the right bow price list bow warranty glossary of traditional archery terms shipping & returns rss syndication blo Fine Great Northern custom longbows, take down longbows & recurve bows and Great Northern Professional Quivers for Traditional Bowhunters shooting longbows, recurve bows, and self bows. Bow quivers and side quivers, many colors and styles available GAS Bowstrings USA : Custom Made Two Colour : Recurve Bowstring - Was £35.70 : GD27. Gas Bowstrings USA In Stock and Custom - Made in the USA - Recurve Strings High Octane Strings.. £19.92 Ex VAT £16.6

Ballistic Bowstrings EXCEED all O.E.M. specifications and are available in a wide variety of colour choices for all types of bows, Ballistic Bowstrings have been Canada's leading supplier of high quality OEM bowstrings and cables since 1990. In supplying dealers and manufacturers over the years, we have developed and perfected the art of. Bow string flemish double loop custom. £19.80 (£16.50 ex.VAT) Flatbow Flemish Bow string Dacron. £10.00 (£8.33 ex.VAT) Flatbow Flemish Bow string Fastflight. £16.00 (£13.33 ex.VAT) Flatbow Served Bow strings Dacron. £8.00 (£6.67 ex.VAT) Recurve Field bow Flemish Bow string Dacron

The point is, its totally your choice. Custom 8125g Recurve Bowstring come in a wide range of colours to suit all your needs. Use our Bowstring configurator to personalise your own custom Bow String. Choose a single colour or two colour string and then the colours for the string and serving All of the Wolverine recurve handles are cut 3/16 past center, making the bow more forgiving when selecting arrow spine. Both the Dingo and the Coyote handles are cut 1/8 past center. The Wolverine handles are available in two different handle lengths, 16 ½ and 18 ½ Storing your bow in a climate-controlled setting extends its life by preventing string stretch. If you have a recurve or longbow, remove its string between shooting sessions to extend the bow's life. If you need or want a new bowstring, visit an archery store, where expert bow technicians can help you through the purchase process

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  1. Thank you for considering Custom Bows by Wes Wallace for your next bow. Since 1972, I have been in woodworking, from building furniture to home construction. I built my first bow in 1978 under the guidance of a very good friend, Jim Brackenbury. I built bows in Jim's shop off and on until the late 1980s
  2. Custom made flemish twist bowstring for your recurve bow. We build our bowstrings with 16 strands of Dyna Flight 97. They are served with Halo braid in .24 for classic nocks and .19 for carbon or Bear Paw nocks. Please give us the length of your string and the type of nock you shoot in the notes at check out. To measure your current bowstring, take it off the bow. Pinch the loops together to.
  3. Kustom King Traditional Archery, your kingdom for all things traditional archery with a wide selection fo bow and arrow traditional archery supplies, archery gear, and archery equipment. Traditional bows and arrows for sale
  4. For bows with draw weights over 40 pounds, use Dacron strings with 16 strands or Dyneema/Fastflight strings with 18-20 strands. Finding the perfect bow string for your bow can make a huge difference with accuracy, quietness and performance
  5. Hello, my name is Don Katsumi and my intent is to make you a better Flemish recurve crossbow string. The strings are primarily made for Excalibur recurve crossbows, but I have also made them for Ten Point recurve crossbows as well as traditional bows. My strings have been sold into the US, Canada, Norway, Greece, England, Australia, Sweden, Italy, South Africa, Germany, Russia, Malaysia.
  6. Description 3 Element Performance Recurve Strings Australia's Premium Bow String! Hand made with the highest levels of quality, our 3Element performance recurve strings are made to order and built to last thousands of shots
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Welcome to Pronghorn Custom Bows. A quality custom bow is a long-range investment providing years of high-performance service when cared for and set up properly. Go to the Bow Information and Care page for recommendations. Mobile devices Menu is X in the upper right corner. If you want a personal custom bow just ask for a quote Custom recurve bow acws 2018-09-17T17:46:20+00:00. My name is István Szalóky. For the first time I hold a bow in my hands nearly 30 years ago. I carved my first bow from one piece of wood in 1996. Two years later I started my own business and since then I create different types of bows, alongside with the well known Szalóky and Kelemen. Custom 8125g Recurve Bowstrings. Hand crafted Custom 8125g Recurve Bowstrings of the highest quality. Here at Evans Performance Bowstrings we pride ourselves in producing some of the best strings available using only the best string and serving materials and in one of the largest colour ranges available. International shipping, Club discounts.

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If you wish to order an extra set of limbs for your 'existing' Blacktail bow, a deposit (minimum $250) is required and the wait time is the same as ordering a new custom bow. Because each bow is handcrafted, it will be necessary for the existing bow (riser and limbs) to be sent to the Blacktail Bow Company workshop • High quality DynaFLIGHT bowstring for recurve bows PLEASE NOTE: Recurve bowstring lengths are listed as AMO length - the actual length is approx. 3-4 inches shorter than the marked length. Please order a string by the AMO length of the bow. The AMO length of the recurve or longbow is printed on either the limb or the side of the grip depending on the bow manufacturer Recurve Bow Strings Recurve Bow Strings. Products: Available - see Formula Bow String. £7.50 (Including VAT at 20%) Customer Rating: Add To Cart OUT OF STOCK. View Product. Available - see delivery tab. Custom Made Dacron Strings. £25.00 (Including VAT at 20%) Customer Rating: Quantity: Ref: 3811 Available - see delivery tab. Options. Add a Bow String to my Order - Custom Flemish-Twisted Bow String - Perfect for Longbow or Recurve - B55 Dacron RingingRocksArchery 5 out of 5 stars (975) $ 11.99 FREE shipping Bestseller Add to Favorites Vembrance - Arco Pro - PVC Horse Bow ArcoProvisions 5 out of 5 stars (12. The span of the bow, measured from one string groove to the other - The span of the bow determines the length of the required string. For a recurve bow, the cord is usually cut four inches shorter, and for the longbow, the cord is cut three inches shorter

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  1. #315 Brush Buttons Helps prevent snagging on brush and dampens string slap on recurve bow li.. $2.00 Ex Tax: $2.00. Add to Cart #316 Bow String Wax #316 Bow String Wax Adds life to bow strings. Also useful to keep screw-in field points from comi.. $4.00.
  2. Custom Made Bows to Fit Your Needs Call us Today: (417) 725-3113 Vist Us: 1201 Eaglecrest, Nixa MO 65714 Monday - Friday: 7am-4pm Central View Flipbook Catalo
  3. This is a 58 Custom made, takedown, recurve bow. It draws 55 pounds at 27 but can be safely drawn to 30. It comes ready to shoot with Flemish twist string, string silencers, nock set, leather arrow rest and side plate, and sims vibration dampeners on top limb and string
  4. Recurve Bows — Whipperwil Archery. Recurves: We sell our recurves for $300.00. The recurve to the left has what are called carved in brush nocks . The brush nocks keep brush from getting caught between the string and the tip of the bow. We sell recurves with brush nocks for $350.00
  5. At Custom Bows by Wes Wallace, we offer three models of recurves: Mentor and Stealth in takedown and one-piece bows, and the Partner in takedown bow only. Detailed Designs. The wide limb design and long fadeouts on my recurves create a total working limb that tapers to a narrow tip for superb smoothness. Each recurve comes with a DynaFLIGHT 97.
  6. We cover one of the basic steps in owning a bow: putting the string on, and taking it off. Safely.===Follow me on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/nusense
  7. bowstring 43-70in Custom Bow Strings Recurve Bow Longbow Archery Arrow Shooting. Brand New. C $10.27. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Was: Previous Price. C $12.09 15% off. From China

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  1. Custom Built Archery is a pro archery shop in the heart of Sherwood Forest. Sign in. Home. About Us. Contact. Location. Links. Your basket is empty. BOWS & X-BOWS STRINGS. FEATURED. ARROWS. BOW ACCESSORIES STRINGS FEATURED. ARROWS. BOW ACCESSORIES. ARCHERS' ACCESSORIES. RANGE. TELL-TARGETS. Our shop is now open for your archery needs.
  2. The B-50 Dacron Recurve Bowstring. Cir-Cut Archery Products is the maker of the B-50 Dacron Recurve Bowstring. The string is available in several sizes and strands. The 12-strand string is recommended for bows up to 40 pounds. The 14-strand bowstring is recommended for bows with a draw weight up to 50 pounds
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  4. 60X Custom Bow Strings, Cowansville, Pennsylvania. 82,172 likes · 354 talking about this · 18 were here. Quality custom bowstrings in great colors at affordable prices. Recurve or Compound Bow..
  5. Mike's Custom Bow Service. 309 likes · 2 talking about this. Door to door custom bow service!!! Compound Crossbow and recurve I'll come to yo
  6. d: Smooth draw, Quiet, High Performance, and Very Forgiving.If you are looking for maximum performance in a recurve bow,you have found it. Base price for the Dakota Pro Hunter is $1,200.00. This model will have a carbonized core in the limbs, which greatly.
  7. A high end custom built high performance flemish twist bow string for your recurve bow. Hand from the highest quality spectra materials available on the market today. Perfect for everyone from backyard hobbyists and target shooters to 3D shooters and hunters alike. all strings are . Custom built to your spec. Hand crafted by experts
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OMP REAPER ILF RECURVE LIMBS. $134.99 - $135.00. Quickview. Add to Cart. Add to Compare Available. £7.99 £7.19. Add to Cart. In your cart. Add to compare. Summer Sale - 10% OFF. Sale. GAS Bowstrings - 8125 Silver Recurve Bow String BCY Nock and Peep Serving. $15.00. View... Out of Stock. Buck Trail Flemish Twist String 58 16st. $16.00. View... Out of Stock. Buck Trail Flemish Twist String 60 16st

A high end custom built high performance flemish twist bow string for your recurve bow. 16 strand bcy spectra. Built for speed and stability. Custom built to your spec. Hand crafted by experts A: Recurve bows are one of the oldest bow types known to man, right alongside the longbow. With limb tips that begin to curve back towards, or recurve towards the handle, they create points for the bowstring to hold onto and provide more tension when holding back a shot J AND D CUSTOM STRINGS RECURVE BOWSTRING. Be the first to review this product. Traditional bow string. Made from Fast Flight material. Served End Loops. Monofilament Center Serving. $12.99. SKU D97 Bow String for Recurves. $ 20. Our Bob Lee Bows ship with a 16-strand Dynaflight 97, Flemish-Twist bow string with #4 nylon serving material, but if you find yourself in need of a replacement string or just want to have an extra one on-hand, these are our recommended strings to ensure optimal performance and protection for your bow 8125 High Performance String. $27.00. Mercury High Performance String. $27.00. X99 High Performance String. $27.00. Spectra 652 - The Original FF formula. $27.00. DynaFLIGHT 97

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Long limbed bows like the Exo series bows should have the string kept about 2 string widths from the bumpers. A Matrix or Micro should be kept 1/4 to 3/8 from the bumpers. Bulldogs should have the string kept about 2 from where the riser meets the mainframe Home » Bow Accessories » Bow Strings » Custom Made Recurve Strings . Branco Custom's Recurve Bowstring. Price: £25.00. Nitro - Fastflite Plus Recurve Strings. Price: £9.50. Nitro 8125G Recurve Strings One Colour. Price: £15.15. Nitro 8125G Recurve Strings Two Colour. Price: £19.00. Custom Traditional Recurves and Longbows. At ZIPPER Bows we believe in building high-quality, handmade products. We have continued this tradition since 1982. Our custom recurve and longbows are quiet, dependable, and deliver the superior performance you have been looking for in traditional archery equipment We build custom yourth long bows and recurves. We stock our full line of custom Fox Bows, our High Sierra a 3 piece take down recurve, The Maverick one piece recurve, and a 50's style recurve called The Breed in take down and one piece

Roman Hershberger started his bow shop in the rolling hills of Holmes County, Ohio. For many years Roman has been crafting traditional recurve bows and longbows with extreme attention to detail. Each of his bows is custom built to the specifications of the archer. His love for archery and skilled craftsmanship has made Roman's bows the tool. Kingfisher Recurve bows are custom hand crafted by Ben Graham, They have bamboo core limbs and can be customized to your specifications with exotic woods. These exotic bow woods are each unique and beautiful, supplies are limited and demand is high. Call now to order your custom hand crafted traditional long bow or recurve, by Ben Graham Custom Bow Read More. Category Limbs Read More. Category 16 Risers Read More. Category Left Handed Risers Read More. Category Uncategorized Read More. Category 3DH Riser Read More. Category Two Piece Bows Read More. Category ST Risers Read More. Find us on social: Search engine Use this form to find things you need on this site Custom Recurve Bows. Each bow is built with 2 alignment pins per limb for better alignment and durability. Brace heights are recommended from 7 3/8 to 7 3/4″. All bows come with a hunters choice bow string. The Rosewood Archery. Beautiful bows begin with beautiful wood

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  1. FirstString bow strings are manufactured in the United States by the largest custom bow string manufacturer in the country. We manufacturer a wide variety of quality custom and replacement bow strings, as well as bow accessories. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers
  2. Kayapo 60 inch Recurve. Click on thumbnail to see larger image. Kayapo Riser Views. 60 Inches. Pricing on the Kayapo begins at $600.00. This includes choice of solid riser in standard woods - please see the Bow Options for list of available riser options, limb core choice, a high performance string and Lone Wolf bow sock.. The Kayapo features dynamically balanced limbs and is carefully.
  3. Recurve bows normally use two fewer strands. BCY manufactures and supplies products in accordance with these specifications. If used correctly, the material will serve the purpose for which it was intended - a bowstring or a serving material
  4. Inquiries to: contactus@firststringusa.com Orders: orders@firststringusa.com. Phone: 317-535-8116 Fax: 317-535-811
  5. Flex Recurve Bowstring CARRERA99 R - For 70 Bow. Flex Recurve Bowstring CARRERA99 R - For 70 Bow. Rating: 0%. Starting at. £9.46. In Stock. Flex Recurve Bowstring CARRERA99 R - For 68 Bow. Flex Recurve Bowstring CARRERA99 R - For 68 Bow
  6. Traditional Archery Supply provides custom bow strings for longbows and recurve bows. Endless Loop / Flemish Twist / B-50 / Low Stretc
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Base Price. $1514.00. Base price of Wind Warrior Max P longbow model includes the following: Your choice of riser color. Ash limbs dyed your choice of color under clear glass. Your choice of cordage color for fadeout lashings (required on all high performance bows to add strength to the limbs, stabilize the bow, and increase accuracy as well as. Predator offers their recurve bows in three models, the Velocity, Hunter DX, and Custom. These particular models all differ from one another in price, as well as overall design features. All take-down model recurve bows also feature a one size fits all limb bolt system, which allows any Predator limbs produced since 1996 to easily interchange

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Custom Color String - Recurve / Long Bow. Sale Regular price $ 59.95 CAD; Standard Color Combination (Tan/Black) Custom Colors Available! Build your string set here. Quantity. String Length Notes. We're here to help! If you have any questions or are uncertain about any of the specs provided, please let us know Bow Strings - Available in AMO actual bow length sizes. (When ordering, please state actual bow length.) B50 Dacron Bow String - Synthetic superiority with excellent abrasion resistance. Quiet, durable and consistent. A good choice for older bows. Fast Flight Bow String - Minimal creep, superior strength, speed and durability The Bereux Custom Strings Recurve Bow String, which you made for me, is very good, does not stretch, is quite quiet, but I like it. The only small problem is that it's a bit short, I could only make it do 2 or 3 laps, and the band is a bit long Redback Archery Supplies have been making quality replacement bow strings for more than 15 years . Our strings have been on the bows of many competition winners and hardened bowhunters bows in Australia and proudly overseas .We use quality BCY materials and proven techniques to produce some of the most reliable strings on the market

As recurve bows limbs are wider than the compound bows and don't incorporate a cam wheel system, so you need an average long wire for stringing on it. Below we have designated 5 best cheap bowstrings for the recurve bows. You also can buy these strings for the best longbows. 1. B-50 Dacron - Best Fast Flight Bow String First String Recurve Bow Strings are made of Dacron main string material. BCY #62XS center serving is a Spectra®/polyester blended material for ultimate grip and durability. BCY 3-D loop & end serving boasts 3-Ply twisted Dyneema® for small diameter and ultimate performance. Dacron string. Spectra/polyester center serving

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Don't bend your bow limbs, use the Safe-Way bow stringer to safely string and un-string your Hummingbird custom bow. Available in two colors: Black or Green. These are 3 color, custom strings made for your long bow or recurve bow. Price: $15.00. Proudly powered by WordPres You choose what you want your bow string to be made from - and how many strand it has. Understanding Bowstrings: Materials, Strands, and AMO Length Materials. You´ll have to differentiate between strings for compound bows and recurve bows (or crossbows). Synthetic materials are used to make compound bowstrings in general Strings Custom Made for you. These can be in Dacron or Advanced Materials. One Colour or Striped. We can make a string to suit your bow. Having a custom string or strings made allows you to pick from a choice of: Materials for String and Servings, Colours, Strands, Lengths, Positioning of the Centre Serving, & Loop Sizes fast flight Recurve longbow Flemish Twist Bow Stringcustom Built. Premium quality strut mounts feature precision engineered bearings and durable rubber components that provide a stable strut attachment platform designed to eliminate transfer of harmonic resonance from the suspension to the vehicle body, By replacing the original rubber hoses with our complete system you will remove this.


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Beowulf. As the only recurve model currently built at White Wolf, the Beowulf lives up to the legend behind its name as a strong and formidable opponent for any shoot. It is an extremely smooth uncoiling bow and releases with the same fluidity. The Beowulf has a considerable amount of mass, making it an incredibly stable and crisp shooting bow Custom designed longbows by Dwyer Longbows of Holmen, WI. We also offer quivers, bow strings, bow cases and other bow hunting accessories. Your traditional archery resource for longbows or bow and arrow hunting equipment and accessories

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Welcome to my Maine archery shop! Located in Standish, Maine, my archery shop sells and services all styles and makes of new and used archery equipment and accessories: Recurve bows, compound bows, custom arrows and strings, bowhunting equipment and everything in between! What customers are saying: It was clear you genuinely cared more about improvin Home Shop Bows Shrew Lil Favourite II. . Shrew Lil Favourite II. $ 800.00. From its inception, the Lil Favorite recurve with its graceful forward-facing grip, enhanced the natural pointability of this sweet little recurve and allowed for a silky smooth draw and impressive accuracy, especially for such a short and powerful bow. Version * Steve Byerly. Hello, Big Jim! Just a word of thanks! I received my Thunder Child yesterday. It is an awesome piece of art and an explicit example of great craftsmanship. After shooting a dozen arrows, I know that the TC will be my go-to bow this fall for elk and bear in Colorado, and back on the farm for whitetails in Nebraska