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Katniss kills him, and rushes to Rue. She asks her if she blew up the food. Then, Rue tells Katniss she has to win and asks her to sing. Katniss sings Rue to sleep (dead) then puts some flowers. Where does Katniss go when she can't sleep the night before the Games? A. Peeta's room. B. The dining hall. C. The roof. 8. How does Peeta want to die? A. Quickly. B. Without cameras. C. As himself. 9. What does Cinna add to Katniss' outfit? A. Her bracelet. B. The mockingjay pin. C Summary: Chapter 19. Katniss thinks of Peeta's behavior before and during the Games. She realizes the feelings he's expressed for her have given an advantage to them both. Before going to sleep for the night, she thinks of the remaining tributes and decides the real threats are Cato and the girl from his district Katniss then allows herself to eat before settling down to keep watch. The night grows cold quickly, however, and she ends up joining Peeta in the sleeping bag, where she discovers that his fever is getting worse. She places damp bandages on his forehead, hoping it will help Katniss can't sleep because she keeps thinking about Peeta now. She and Finnick go outside, where they can talk safely without being overheard. Back at 13, Katniss keeps wondering about whether anyone, even Gale, is telling her the truth. The next day, she picks a fight with Gale because she's still so worried about Peeta

Katniss wonders what her mother and Prim are doing at home and falls asleep. In the morning she goes to the train's dining car. Effie, Peeta, and Haymitch are there. Haymitch is already drinking, and Peeta gets angry with him because he's supposed to be advising them What gift does Katniss receive from her sponsors, and how does she realize it can help her after she is forbidden to go to the Feast? Vile of sleep syrup; Peeta can't stop her from going to the feast Who is the first tribute to claim a backpack, and why does this make Katniss angry When night falls, she still hasn't found any water, but she picks a tree, climbs up, and makes a bed in one of the branches, belting herself in. When the death recap airs in the sky that evening, she watches for Peeta's face and is relieved to know that he has made it through the first day She can't stand wearing a dress. She has a hard time pretending to be someone she's not. Tags: Question 19 . SURVEY . 30 seconds . Q. How does Katniss' interview go? answer choices . better than expected. The people in the Capitol sleep late. That's the time with the best light for the television cameras. Tags

what gift does Katniss receive from her sponsors, and how does she realize it can help her after she is forbidden to go to the Feast? vile of sleep syrup; peeta can't stop her from going to the feast why does Katniss think of Gale the night before the feast View Notes - Mockingjay Notes from SOCI 199 at Bridgewater State University. Kaylie Furtado Mockingjay Book Notes Chapter 9: - Katniss can't sleep because she keeps thinking about Peeta now. She an

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  1. The elevator scene in Catching Fire is one of the most iconic scenes in the entire series.It's a perfect introduction to Johanna's character and begins an amusing dynamic among Peeta, Katniss, and Haymitch. RELATED: The Hunger Games: 10 Things Only Book Fans Know About Katniss She steps inside and immediately starts stripping
  2. When Katniss needs comfort Peeta gives it. When Katniss wants to get close and be physical, he reciprocates and has open arms. Even when Katniss does not necessarily indicate that that is what she is looking for, Peeta makes the invitation or initiates
  3. You're name's only been in there once, they're not gonna pick you. Try to go to sleep. Primrose Everdeen: I can't. Katniss Everdeen: Just try. Just try. [Prim whispers to Katniss asking for a song, she lies down and Katniss sings her the first few lines] Katniss Everdeen: You remember that song? Okay. I gotta go. [she kisses Prim's forehead
  4. Katniss can't sleep because she's nervous about the games and what's ahead of her. She needs some fresh air, so she goes up to the roof to help herself calm down
  5. Katniss doesn't quite get it yet, saying that she can't afford to think that way. She's only focused on surviving. Later, she sees the truth in his statement, but at this point, she dismisses him. It's almost as if she thinks that these thoughts cause weakness. 9 Peeta: Doesn't Tell Her His Double-Agent Pla

A cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray. Forget your woes and let your troubles lay. And when it's morning again, they'll wash away. Here it's safe, here it's warm. Here the daisies guard you from every harm. Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true Katniss can't sleep one night when she hears Peeta talking in his sleep. At first she is frightened; afraid that he is having a nightmare. When he smiles, she realizes he is having a good dream. But what is he dreaming about? A baby? Their baby? That's when she gets nervous. The thought of having children terrifies Katniss, for many reasons When she does, she's knocked unconscious by tracker-jacker poison. After that, yeah, she could pick off the boy from District 3, but chooses to go after the Careers' supplies instead

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Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Pedidos desde $59 As Katniss moves on with her Tour, she gets little sleep, and begins to lose weight. At night, she pictures the horror of the Games. At night, she pictures the horror of the Games. Peeta sleeps in Katniss's bed because it calms her and helps her sleep, and this fact becomes the subject of much gossip among the entourage Chapters 9 & 10. Chapter 9: After falling asleep next to Gale, Katniss is woken up by Peeta who tells her to go to bed. She then falls asleep once she is in her bedroom. No she doesn't sleep on the floor, she got to her bed. Anyways,once asleep she has a nightmare with these mutated mutts that they sent into the games on the last night Where does Katniss go to escape the fire? answer choices . Into the trees. Into a cave. Into a pool of water How does Katniss finally get a bow and arrow? answer choices How many days did Katniss sleep after she was stung by the trackerjackers? answer choices . 2. 3. 1. 0. Tags: Question 19

Assuming that she will find anti-infection medicine there, Katniss plans to go, but Peeta demands she promise not to risk her life for him again. They eat the soup as Katniss plots how she can get him asleep long enough to escape, knowing he is serious enough to potentially try and follow her Then all the energy saps from his body. I'm so tired, Katniss. Go to sleep, I say. He won't until I've rearranged his handcuffs and shackled him to one of the stair supports. It can't be comfortable, lying there with his arms above his head. But in a few minutes, he drifts off, too

Katniss Everdeen awakes one sad morning to find that her sister, Prim, has decided to sleep with her mother. Katniss decides to go into the woods, beyond the chain link fence that is supposed to be buzzing with electricity, but because she is in district 12 Part 2: Chapter 12. Summary. Katniss catches a glimpse of Peeta; his face is swollen and his arm is bandaged. She thinks about him telling her not to try to get supplies from the Cornucopia, even though he was planning to do the very same thing himself. She can, however, understand the temptation. What she can't understand, though, is why he. Peeta has said to Katniss, that if she goes to the feast Peeta will follow her as far as he can, so for Katniss to go to the feast to get the medicine she needs to give Peeta the drug. (Sleep syrup). It would be an exception but then Katniss worries about giving him it The Hunger Games Chapters 19 - 21 Summary. chapters. 15-18. 19-21. 22-25. 26-27. Katniss is mad at herself for calling out Peeta's name, because it might allow the others to find her. She resolves to find Peeta the next day. She starts out carefully the next morning, sure the other tributes will be setting traps for her

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  1. The whole situation, as well as the work Haymitch does to help Katniss shape an image, speaks to the pervasiveness of the spectacle that is the Hunger Games. It is telling that Cinna's suggestion - that Katniss should just be herself - is almost revolutionary in a world where the spectacle is so highly prized
  2. She inspired a revolution, outwitted the Capitol and remains the most skilled female archer in literature. Katniss Everdeen is a pillar of strength throughout Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games.
  3. Katniss Everdeenwakes up to see that her little sister, Prim, has left their shared bed to sleep with their mother. Katniss watches them sleep, looking less careworn than when awake. It's reaping day, and Buttercup, Prim's hideous cat, seems to be watching over her. Katniss is glad she didn't kill Buttercup when he was a wormy kitten
  4. As she is kissing him she realizes that she truly does care for him, and it is the first time she actually wants to kiss him again. Still hungry and cold, the two decide to share a sleeping bag and get some sleep. As Peeta holds her she realizes that he has made her feel the safest she has felt since her father died
  5. She is hungry to so she joins him. Peeta goes to sleep while Katniss keeps watch. During her watch, the rain finally stops. There are now only four people left in the games. When Peeta gets up they both go hunting. Peeta and Katniss spit up for a second and when Katniss goes back she can't find Peeta. She calls him but he doesn't answer
  6. g a doctor, and Cressida about making propos, and in the fourth film, she talks to.
  7. Katniss Everdeen: No. You can't. Not like when Dad died. I won't be there for her anymore, you're all she has. Katniss Everdeen: No. Go to sleep. Primrose Everdeen: I can't. Katniss Everdeen.

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  1. Unlike Katniss, she doesn't recognise them as poisonous, and dies quickly. The sky lights up with the seal, and I watch Foxface shine in the sky and then disappear from the world forever. Towards the end of the day, Katniss and Peeta make their way to the lake, expecting a confrontation with Cato
  2. Katniss is built to survive. She wants to live. She wants the people around her to live. And when she realizes that things for the ones she loves could go south in a hurry, she pleads with Gale to run away with her—her and everyone in his, her and Peeta's family
  3. Only Foxface and Cato remain. Katniss and Peeta sleep in shifts, and when Peeta wakes Katniss he offers her some bread with goat cheese and apples. They make tarts like that at his family's bakery, but they can't afford to eat them. They mostly eat the stale leftovers. Katniss is surprised. She always thought the shopkeepers had everything
  4. Katniss also has alot of common sence and she can easly travelle throught the woods. The hardest part for her is probibly cooking her food and sleeping because she has some problems when she cant sleep becasue when she cant sleep she cant focus and if she cant focas she will be one of the first ones dead
  5. Mark Reads 'The Hunger Games': Chapter 20. In the twentieth chapter of The Hunger Games, Peeta and Katniss do their best to figure out what their next move as Peeta's condition continues to worsen. When the Gamemakers invite the tributes to a particularly appealing feast, Katniss does something drastic to save Peeta
  6. I can't tell Katniss yet even though I know she needs time to prepare herself. I can't stand the idea of telling her that soon she'll be stripped of her beauty and her dignity. I'm afraid that the Capitol, which could never crush her through its Games, will crush her by making her into an object (whore)

Chapter 27 - I AM KATNISS EVERDEEN. The anthem booms in my ears, and then I hear Caesar Flickerman greeting the audience. Does he know how crucial it is to get every word right from now on? He must. He will want to help us. The crowd breaks into applause as the prep teams are presented Handsome man like you. Peeta... tell me. Peeta Mellark : Well, there, uh... there is this one girl that I've had a crush on forever. Caesar Flickerman : Ah. Peeta Mellark : But I don't think she actually recognized me until the Reaping. Caesar Flickerman : Well, I'll tell you what, Peeta. You go out there, and you win this thing, and when you. That night, Katniss spots a pair of eyes in one of the trees, it was Rue, the tribute from District 11. She points to a nest a few branches above Katniss, from the buzzing, Katniss finds that it is home to trackerjackers. She then cut the nest from the tree and sent it straight down on the Careers' camp. During the confusion, Katniss escapes

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  1. Katniss is a compassionate and brilliant player while her supposed boyfriend is one hundred and seventy pounds of dead weight. Peeta is quite possibly the most pathetic and worthless.
  2. The Avox is kind to Katniss, washes Katniss' face and helps her clean up the room. All 24 tributes are interviewed on TV. Cinna creates a beautiful dress for Katniss of flames made out of jewels. Why does haymitch not send Katniss water? Haymitch does'nt send Katniss water because he knows she is smart enough to find it
  3. d is the environment they were in. For the Hunger Games there was only one winner out of the 24 players. This is to: 1. Prevent people from building strong bonds inside and outside the games. This enforced by fear o..
  4. Catching Fire. by unclearer. 05-28-2021. Comments 0. Catching Fire was written by Suzanne Collins . It was delivered to bookshelves in September, 2009. Over nineteen million copies have been sold in the United States today. The plot follows Katniss Everdeen and her adventures after winning The Hunger Games
  5. 12. I can't help comparing what I have with Gale to what I'm pretending to have with Peeta. How I never question Gale's motives while I do nothing but doubt the latter's. It's not a fair comparison really. Gale and I were thrown together by a mutual need to survive. Peeta and I know the other's survival means our own death
  6. She has red hair, pale skin, and striking features. Because of her inability to speak, Katniss initially does not know her name or anything about her. Katniss recognizes her from when she and Gale witnessed the girl's capture and the death of her friend, and Katniss later speculates that she is a runaway from the Capitol

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  1. Peeta offers to sleep in the living room but Katniss refuses. She can't imagine Peeta spending the night in that cold awful room and she can't stand that he does it because of her. As a Seam, Katniss was taught from early years that as a guest, you don't ask for anything, do anything or bother anyone during your stay
  2. Professional. You know I can't tell you that, Katniss. I need to I can't sleep. It sounds like I'm begging. I didn't mean that, either. You have an open prescription for sleeping pills from Dr. Aurelius, she says, her voice somewhat softer now. Compassion - whether it's real or not, I can't say
  3. 17 Gross Things Women Deal With On Our Periods. By Gabrielle Moss. Dec. 18, 2014. On some level, periods are cool. But on another, much more realistic level, periods are gross, terrible, and just.
  4. I wake up from a very peaceful sleep to the cool breeze blowing in through the cave mouth. I'm surprised that this is the first thing I notice; usually my attention is drawn to my leg, however it feels great. I touch my forehead; I'm practically all better, fever wise. I'm about to tell Katniss how much better I am and that she doesn't have to go to the feast when I see her
  5. utes even though I'm still scared. Peeta's POV (Point Of View) We decide to go back to sleep. After a few
  6. Literature Projects for The Hunger Games. To show your understanding of the themes, characterizations, literary elements, and author's purpose in the novel The Hunger Games, you must complete your choice of the following projects. For your short-term projects, you must choose from one of the projects listed below. All writing must be typed, 12-pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced

When she's finished she smiles at me gently. I try to smile back or thank her, but I can't. She pulls me in for a hug. 'You should be getting some sleep.' It's Katniss. Does she realise I'm going to die to protect her? I can't go down without a fight. Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to . . . to show the Capitol. The feature film adaption of the book of the same name, released in March 2012.. In a dystopian future, the totalitarian nation of Panem is divided between 12 districts and the Capitol. Each year two young representatives from each district are selected by lottery to participate in The Hunger Games. Part entertainment, part brutal retribution for a past rebellion, the televised games are. New Yor 2008. Katniss' conception of love in the beginning is . , The Hunger Games, cholastic Inc, one of justice with no room for ris or gift. With ale New Yor 2009. she insists that she will never have ids in a world where something bad could happen to them; she and

The Career tributes and Peeta have Katniss trapped up a tree. You'd Expect: That they'll take advantage of this by burning down the tree with fire as How It Should Have Ended suggested. Instead: They figure that she will have to come down at some time and decide to sleep under the tree with Glimmer keeping watch.However, Glimmer falls asleep too, giving Katniss an opportunity to escape her. If you say I can't keep faith, it will shine as bright as the sun. First the wind, then dark skies, dark skies come at any time. I lie awake and cannot sleep, I am frantic from yearning. So dark now are the shadows, and the thunder roars. I lie awake and cannot sleep, my heart is filled with yearning. Instructions: 1 Before Katniss can reach her and bring her to safety, the second wave of bombs explodes, killing Prim and other medics and badly burning Katniss. Prim's last word ever in the book is Katniss. Katniss becomes so unhinged after Prim's death that she loses her voice for several days whats your type? Fictional men written by women

Grumbling, Katniss gives in just as the elevator door is about to shut only for a familiar girl to make her way inside. You guys look amazing! Smirking, she greets us turning to smile slyly at me making my eyes narrow as I lean against the elevator wall. Thank you. Politely, Peeta smiles at her The night before the Hunger Games begin, Katniss goes up to the roof of the hotel because she can't sleep and needs some fresh air. She finds the door already open and sees Peeta's silhouette against the lights. She tells him he should be getting some sleep but he says he can't because he's preoccupied by the Hunger Games Peeta didn't want Katniss to go but Katniss knew that medicine for Peeta's leg will be there. Haymitch sends to Katniss a jar of sleeping syrup to give to Peeta so she can go get the medicine. When she gets there Foxface, The girl from district 5 hid in the Cornacopia, so she runs out, grabs her bag and runs into the forest

In Chapter 3 of Mockingjay, Katniss starts of in her room lying around because she can't go to sleep. The next morning, she is going to agree to become the Mockingjay for the rebels. She wants to help the rebels defeat President Snow and the Capitol. But before Katniss announces that she will be the Mockingjay, Prim gave her the idea. She can't sleep. Goes to the roof, reflecting on it all. Peeta is there, too, doing the same thing. He's resigned to dying, he wants to die as himself. They discuss how the Gamekeepers can manipulate the Games from behind the scenes, to get the most popular outcome (foreshadowing) Tempting, very tempting. Katniss promises Peeta she won't go, and he calls her a bad liar. He threatens to go with her, essentially getting himself killed since he isn't mobile. Stalemate. She says she won't go if Peeta promises to do everything she says, and feeds him groosling soup, which actually doesn't taste too bad

Thresh lets Katniss go — just this once — because of what she did for Rue, who was the other tribute from his district. Katniss thanks, Thresh, retrieves her backpack and runs back to the cave.The medicine in the backpack attacks Peeta's infection and he slowly regains his strength. Katniss and Peeta hunt and gather in the woods, and. I think, no. They did not. Some of you are simply not understanding the question. In the epilogue, katniss mentions it is almost 10 to 15 years before she agrees to have kids with peeta. So yes, maybe ten years later they do. Some of you are referring to when katniss says And the hunger that. Katniss Detest Haymitt Chapter 1 Summary. Chapter 1 1. Describe the narrator. What is her family situation? - The narrator is Katniss Everdeen and she's a courageous woman who hunts for her family, so she is the breadwinner basically. 2

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29: Katniss Doesn't Trick Peeta to Sleep. Book version: Katniss receives a sleeping potion from Haymitch after playing up the romance for the cameras. She drugs Peeta so she can go to the Cornucopia and get the medicine he needs before he wakes up the next day And I can't seem to shake you anyway. Above all, Katniss is drawn to form an alliance with Rue because she is a survivor and above all because she reminds Katniss of Prim, her younger sister Nowadays, Tony Stark, in 3D IMAX, can't sleep after New York. And we get our reintroduction to Katniss Everdeen, cowinner of the 74th Hunger Games, via a tremendously horrific flashback she experiences in what was once her safe place, her secret hunting grounds in the woodsy fringes of District 12. Her life as she knew it is over

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In Katniss's case, she is escorted to the train by a group of Peacekeepers where she says goodbye to her mother and Prim with a despairing, I love you. I love you both. After that, she says goodbye to Gale, and the Peacekeepers take him away, and the doors of the room literally slam shut before Gale can finish saying, . . HG 101: Every year in post-apocalyptic Panem, two tributes, aka children, from each district are selected in a public reaping to compete in the win-or-die Hunger Games. But every 25 years, there. Katniss sets out again in search of water, the only thing that is keeping her down. She knows she can't survive long with out it, and she is fading fast. She has already begun to feel fatigue, sharp head pains, and she hasn't urinated much at all. Finding water is the most important task she has at the moment She makes him go to sleep, the meeting at the Cornucopia is at sun down and she should be back by morning to give him the medicine he needs. Don't you dare look out your window, Darlin' everything's on fire. The war outside our door keeps raging on, Plus Katniss doesn't want him to leave because he can't protect himself

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The Gamemakers announced that there was going to be feast. They also say that at the feast, there was going to be backpacks for each district with something they really need. Katniss thinks they have something to heal Peeta's leg.She wants to go, but Peeta doesn't let her. He doesn't want her risking her life for him Katniss can't get to the bounty of supplies because it is mined. The whole area is full of mines that the boy from District 3 set-up. Katniss is able to destroy it by shooting arrows in the bags full of apples. As soon as the apples fell, the whole place exploded. Katniss fell from the tree and knocked out her breathe! Sooo she can't get up The more trauma Katniss experiences, the more she is able to recognize the signs of trauma in others and relate to them. This level of description brings the other characters to life in a way that mere physical description can't. Gale and Peeta are nice foils for each other and for Katniss

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It relate to rue as Katniss doesn't want her to cry and she wants her to go peacefully. Part 2. Katniss is constantly thinking about how the audience is perceiving her, whereas Peeta (we think, anyway) just says what he feels. Why? 3. Why is Katniss willing to go to the feast to get the medicine for Peeta? 4 The Hunger Games Speech. Just from $13,9/Page. Get custom paper. They celebrate the Hunger Games to memorize the rebellion of District 13, a destroyed district. The story begins on the day of the crop, or the day were tributes were chosen. When Katniss Everdeen a sixteen-year-old girl who presents as a volunteer to the 74th Hunger.

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Plutarch Heavensbee: I think that's true. President Snow: She's become a beacon of hope for the rebellion, and she has to be eliminated. Plutarch Heavensbee: I agree she should die, but in the right way, at the right time. It's moves and counter-moves, and it's all we gotta look at. Katniss Everdeen is a symbol Catching Fire Summery. A year later after Katniss is back to district 12, Katniss often go help Gale, one of his old hunting buddy before she was selected to be the tribute. After winning the hunger game, her family no longer suffer hunger but Gale does so she would some time went to the wood and help fed Gales family 2. What story does Katniss tell Peeta about the goat? What parts of the real story does she have to leave out because the Capitol is listening? 3. What is the purpose of the feast? Why does Katniss want to go? 4. How does Katniss trick Peeta so she can leave? Chapter 21 1 6. Rue helped Katniss because she feels like she needs a mother-like figure so she helps Katniss to let her know that she wants to be an ally. She might become closer to Katniss further on in the games. Chapter 14. 1. The tracker jackers are so dangerous because the can cause hallucinations and in serious cases death. 2

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Katniss would climb in a tree to go to sleep but Peeta can't do that because of his leg so they sleep in a den. Peeta sleep all the night and when he wake up Katniss go to sleep. Katniss think that this day is the day which the Gamemakers will drive them together and they go to the lake and stays there to monitor if Cato came Haymitch Abernathy. Haymitch is the only living victor (out of two total) from District 12 before Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen. He won on the 50th Hunger Games by using the arena's force field to his advantage. Being the only victor from District 12, Haymitch is tasked to be the mentor to all the tributes who were chosen after him

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1. Synopsis: With the Games destroyed, Katniss Everdeen, along with Gale, Finnick and Beetee, end up in the so thought destroyed District 13. Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her friends, Katniss becomes the Mockingjay, the symbol of rebellion for the districts of Panem Peeta remains asleep, and Finnick and Katniss crack jokes about their own worn looks thanks to the degredation of the Games. When Katniss is ready to wake Peeta, Finnick suggests that she startle him awake. When she does so, Finnick and Katniss fall back on the sand laughing at Peeta's reaction as last words go, they're the most eloquent that katniss has ever heard. the fact that that's a truth for katniss, that she has heard more people gasping for forgiveness or spit in anger before they pass onto whatever comes next — it enrages her. that is all the capitol does, it seems.. clumsy with grief and worry (she can't afford to stay any longer, can't afford to get caught, not.

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In chapter ten, even though everyone is expecting change, it doesn't mean you would have to do it. The night before the games, Katniss couldn't go to sleep, she climbed up to the rooftop. To her surprise, she saw Peeta there and they start conversing about the games, but Peet Shhhh try to go to sleep, (Ross, The Hunger Games) but her sister Katniss Everdeen calms her down. Primrose is chosen for the Hunger Games, but Katniss volunteers to enter the game. She chooses Peeta Mellark from the boys' bowl

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Haymitch gives some final advice telling them to go away from the Cornucopia, and head to high ground and look for water. When it is time for bed, Katniss can't sleep. All she can think about is the Games and the traps and things the gamemakers will create. Restless, Katniss goes up to the roof and finds Peeta there too Katniss feels torn in the end because of the interview.In the interview they make her see everyones death in the games.The showed all the horrible deaths that started in the begin all the way to Cato's horrible death.She feel so torn seeing her tributes that went in who help her to who spared her life and seeing the horrible mutts. 4 He tells Katniss there are people who need her, so she needs to live for their sake. Peeta and the others go through with their plan to take out the remaining tributes, and during that time, he encounters one of the Careers, Brutus, who kills Haymitch's friend from District 11, and shortly after, Peeta kills Brutus Afterwards, Peeta and Katniss are separated and sent to separate rooms to sleep and prepare for the final interview tomorrow. Katniss wants to talk to Peeta, so she goes up to the roof. But there is no one there. When she tries to go back later that night, she is locked in her room NO!! I love her but she is so NOT Katniss. If you read the book, Katniss constantly reminds the readers how she is so small that she can climb trees so well and she can dangle from the thinnest branch possible. She is above the average height. And with Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, they have the weirdest chemistry ever on screen