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Collectors look for these backmarks because the age of a button can often be determined by the maker's address on the back. Firmins is a well-known example. The firm's history goes back to the 18th century and the company had at least 15 different addresses and backmarks Identification One way to identify a bakelite button is to run hot water over it and then smell it. It should have the smell of formaldehyde. Some say they smell like cod liver oil or have a sweet chemical smell Backmark: WATERBURY BUTTON CO. / (star) (star) / WATERBURY / (graphic) CONN (graphic) dm, two middle rings, one is solid and other is twisted rope-like slashes, bottom inner ring of dots is faint and often obscured by shank brazing, ca 1860's and is transitional. Two part convex button, large coat size, 21mm to 23mm Dating Buttons by Shank Style and Material. Here are two interesting guides to shanks. I'm actively looking for the sources so I can credit these. Stanley J. Olsen entitled Dating Early Plain Buttons By Their Form, American Antiquity, Volume 28, Number 4, April 1963. Pictorial handout

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  1. Colonial flat button details? Help To ID My Finds. It's tough to find a definite answer, but this is my understanding: The thin, flat buttons with the braised on shank and blank backmarks to ones with one word or picture all date from the 1700's
  2. Buttons of this period can be divided into three general types: Type I represents the 1-piece flat buttons made by either 1) casting metal (lead, pewter, or brass) in a mold which also provided an integral eyelet; in some buttons the hole in the shank was drilled, or 2) striking the device on a brass disk; a wire eyelet or loop shank was fastened by brazing
  3. There are many different backmarks for US Navy buttons dating from the 1850's and 1860's, as well as many post-Civil War backmarks. There were many different manufacturers, and different backmarks made by the same manufacturers due to different dies or special backmarks for a customer (with their name or company)
  4. Low convex, chicken eagle. 2 starred inner rings. 6 arrows R. GS-22. GS-6R24S-3P. 1475. 1476. YOUNG. SMITH & CO* / NEW YORK. 1830's-1840's
  5. g where the shank meets the back of the button. The one on the right sits lower. Although lack of mushroo

Button Backmarks. This U.S. Army button includes a backmark with the manufacturer and location. This early example sold in November 2020 for $19.99. The button backmark is wording that identifies the button manufacturer or outfitter and often the company's location (city and state). Most early U.S. military button manufacturers were American. Uniform Buttons of the United States 1776 - 1865, by Warren K.Tice. Dating buttons; A Chronology of Button Types, Makers, Retailers & Their Backmarks, by Warren K. Tice. Directory of American Military Goods Dealers & Makers, by Bruce S. Bazelon and William F. Guinn There is a slight bump on the top edge of the button. Backmark: CRUMPTON PHILa rm. Measures: 20.35 mm. Recovered: Unknown. Reference: Albert's RF13B. Price: $120.00. Z2797 One-Piece Convex Riflemen's Coat Button 1840's . Description: Nice button with a super crisp backmark and the shank is intact.. Sold Fantastic button with exceptionally hard to find backmark of *Ledsam & Sons*/London This is a rare button. 14mm: $150.00 : ri011: GI51I: Sold War of 1812 Infantry Officer's; dug example of above; much smoother look than the magnification of picture suggests; no shank. Satisfaction guaranteed. Warranted/Superfine 24mm: $175.00 $150.00. Most livery buttons can be dated by good research. One quick way to narrow the date range, when looking for the person who commissioned the making of the button, is by noting the button..

Robert's Notes: This backmark button was thought to be used during the Civil War by Alabama Staff Officers. It was thought to be produced in disguise by Scovill during the conflict. Collectors should note that Civil War specimens are exceptionally rare. The button's pattern depicts theState Seal of Alabamanailed to a Tree This back plate often carries a lot of information such as the backmark which is an identifier as to who made the button. The two pieces are fastened together by turning the edge of the shell over the back piece. Confederats frequently fastened the shank with solder that was a mixture of lead and tin All images of buttons or any item on this website are for illustration purposes only. The images are confined to the companies that hold the trademark for those logos or slogans. Any use of those logos or images without written consent from that company is strictly forbidden The peroxide method works well if you have recovered a flat button without a backmark. These are usually the large, older flat buttons, Colonial types without backmarks, and what our British friends refer to as dandy buttons (very large, flat Colonial period buttons). The peroxide method is simply this: in a microwave oven, heat up some.

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  1. The button may be made entirely of celluloid, or may have a metal, paper or other material back. BURWOOD-- Made of molded processed wood pulp without back marks. C: CAEN-- Named after a city in northern France famous for horn buttons. If the button has the Caen backmark it is definitely horn. Counts as French backmark
  2. Civil War Buttons. Order (304) 886-8200. acwrelics@gmail.com. References Used: Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons (Bicentennial Edition) by Alphaeus S. Albert. Uniform Button of the United States 1776-1865 by Warren K. Tic
  3. Jun 25, 2013 - Tips to identify the types and age of US military uniform buttons including backmarks, device, and construction. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures
  4. Description: Sudbury Volunteers around motif. Category: Volunteer Infantry; . Type of button: Flat; Metal: Copper Alloy, guilded.; . Backmark: Unreadable; Date: 1798-1801. To try and aid identification we have listed the buttons alphabetically, so if you have a monogram style button or place name then start by looking at the first letter on it
  5. For collectors of hunt buttons the backmark may indeed be as interesting as the front of the button. Disclaimer: Whilst The Hunt Button does its best to describe all buttons fully and correctly, it cannot take responsibility for any mistakes in identification of any buttons listed here
  6. Learning which materials might have backmarks, what those backmarks are likely to say and what the backs and shanks look like will go a long way toward helping you learn how to properly identify look-alike materials such as these. Time, proper testing and experience will also assist in materials identification
  7. Six Characteristics of Rare Antique Buttons. People have been using buttons to fasten clothing for centuries, but they are much more than utilitarian items. Rare buttons are also works of art. When a garment wore out and was destined for the rag bag, frugal housewives and maids often snipped off the beautiful buttons for use in other clothing

Revolutionary Button Identification Revolutionary Button Identification. id help; By Riggler, October 7, 2020 in Metal Pewter? The loop shank on the back is crushed against the back of the button. Nothing legible as far as backmark. I think it might be revolutionary period, however I also did dig a Civil War officers button here as well.. The button was made by Scovills prior to the Civil War in 1860. There are 3 known backmarks and one 18mm cuff size that is extremely rare. Collectors rarely see the Hyde & Goodrich N.O. rmdc backmark. The button's pattern depicts the State of Louisiana's Pelican facing to the right. It is in the act of piecing it's own breast to feed it. Here is a good one! These were even rare in the Old Days, and are, now, nearly impossible to locate with all the increased interest in collectible Civil War buttons. Choice button and premier backmark of Superfin/Paris 23mm: $5000.00: cs002: AB3A5: Sold Alabama Volunteer Corps with premium backmark of E. Halfman/Montgomery Ala rmdc. 21mm.

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  1. Military and all metal buttons Kawashima's art fabrics Smithsonian Libraries and Archives, Natural History Building, 10 th St. and Constitution Ave. NW, Washington DC, 2056
  2. gham, written in the early 1850s
  3. um, and has a scalloped-type (non-verbal) backmark
  4. Here is a Very Nice Dug Coat Button from the Hillsborough Military Academy in North Carolina ! It's Tice's NCS270Am, medium coat size and shows no pushes, cracks, or damage of any sort, front or back. The front retains about 35-4 0% of its original gold gilt still present that highlights the device very nicely. The remainder of the metal, front and back shows a fairly smooth brown patina

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  1. That Scovill backmark dates 1880's-1900 per Tice's book Dating Buttons A Chronology of Button Types, Maker, Retailers & Their Backmarks. So it pre-dates the US Army conversion to a common button ~1902. By the way, in Albert's book, this button is reference number NJ 17B
  2. Tips to identify the types and age of US military uniform buttons including backmarks, device, and construction. The original Scovill partnerships and companies were located in Waterbury, CT,These typically date to the 1860s and later
  3. 12-0 COLT BUTTONS — Work Sheets by DEBBIE STRIBLING. Loading... Taking too long? Reload document | Open in new tab Download [429.99 KB] 1-42. 43-84. View Debbie's buttons on her Facebook Page.

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A catalog of backmarks along with brief histories of manufacturers. VanCourt, Don. (1998). Transporation Uniform Buttons, Vol. III: Maritime and Aviation. Madison, New Jersey: Don VanCourt. The only reference on commercial maritime uniform buttons; the author uses McGuinn and Bazelow to assist in cross-referencing button dates These six buttons comprise the complete set made in the 1930's for the Guinness Beer Company promoting their stout. The set includes a seal, turtle, toucan, zookeeper, ostrich, and kangaroo. Reverse painted designs under glass set in a brass rim and back. Backmark GUINNESS. Donated by Joy Journeay. Est. selling price is $100-200 Item: Pre-Civil War Navy Button Backmark: TREBLE GILT STAND. COL. Construction: Flat, one-piece. Approximate size: 16 mm. Condition: Excellent, excavated, secure slightly bent shank present. Overall brown patina with ample gilt remaining in the front recessed lined area around the eagle and anchor. No bends, cracks, breaks, or repairs Confederate Infantry Coat Button - Cast White Metal. Product Code: PC7682 Price: $195.00. View More Brass Military Button ID Help. 03-11-2008 10:24 AM. Hoping someone can help id some of these buttons, there are a lot, so any help is greatly appreciated. Would love to know anything relevant, like branch/division, rank, officer vs enlisted, time period/date, or anything else you may be able to add. Thanks

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American Military Button Makers and Dealers; Their Backmarks and Dates Expanded Edition. McGuinn & Bazelon. Hardcover. 9 offers from $95.99. Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons. Alphaeus H. Albert. 4.9 out of 5 stars. 36. Hardcover Post War / Indian War. 2 piece. Staff simulated. GS-4R24S-2P. BLANK TIN BACK. Post War / Indian War. 2 piece. Staff simulated. GS-4R23S-2P He found that although there were many good uniform button reference books that assigned unique identification numbers and descriptions, the same was not true for Goodyear buttons. This book will remedy that omission and will provide the reader with photographs, backmark detail, identification numbers, history and much more This next button is a fine high convex California State Seal button with the backmark of Waterbury Button Co. on it. This is a great post war button and hundreds less than the Civil War dated one. ref-button 65 $20.00 This next button is an early 20th century US used Military button with square shank on steel back

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Identifying a uniform button from the Civil War era (1861 to 1865) requires careful scrutiny of different criteria such as design, material and manufacturer markings. Identify the design on the front of the button. It should have a state seal, which was incorporated into the button on Civil War uniforms. Examine the button composition French military button collection. Acquired quite a collection of French half domed military buttons both gold and silver coloured. Assume the gold is brass - not sure what the silver coloured ones are made of - perhaps pewter? There are two main sizes - marked on the reverse - most 2cm in diameter (or just under - marked 21) - or smaller 1.5 cms Along with the buttons, I have included information on the backmarks of British Buttons, as well as articles and reference material I hope will be of interest to you. Unfortunately, due to many other pressing commitments, I am no longer able to answer each request for help to ID buttons. I will TRY to help with as many as possible, but I may.

Button Cases Acrylic Stands Wholesale Accoutrement Plates Artillery Related Corps Badges Pins and Insignia Bottles British Buttons CS State Dug Non Dug CS Regulation Dug Non Dug Union State Dug Non Dug Union Regulation Dug Non Dug School Buttons Misc. Buttons Bullets Bullets Bullets in Wood Cartridges Carved Bullets Camp Items Canteens Cavalry. 9th London Queen Victoria Rifles Large Horn Button 24 mm. £5.00. Army Cyclist Corps OR`s Brass Button 19.3 mm. £3.00. Army Cyclist Corps OR`s Large Brass Button 25.6 mm. £6.00. Army Physical Training Corps Brass Button 25mm. £1.50. Artists 28th London Regiment Officers Brass Button 17 mm CS 44 Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button With Excellent Detail & Nice Gold. Beautiful Example Of A Hard To Find Button. $1595.00. New, SU 407 22 MM High Domed VMI Coat Button, Although There is A Bit Of Ground Action The Button Is As Solid As A Rock And The Rarest Of The VMI Series. R&W Robinson Extra Rich In The Ribbon BM!

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No the button you think is part of the jacket on the right is a shirt button, there are no jacket buttons as high up as the collar other than the ornamental buttons on the shoulder area of the collar. You can plainly see the tape take a right hand turn on both and that is the top button directly beneath This dug button has a central eagle surrounded by stars. All on a lined field. 80% gilt remains with green verdigris scattered. This is a three-piece cuff size button. Unreadable backmark. (532-194). Learn More Re: Great Seal Button Backmarks Help. I found Columbia Button Works in Rutherford New Jersey that made metal buttons and employed 75 people in 1918 and another listing on eBay so Im going to add the backmark to the list. updated list: 1- SCOVILL MF'G CO WATERBURY (back ungilted) 1850-WWI. 2- SCOVILL MF'G CO WATERBURY 1850-WWI. 3- SCOVILL MF'G CO Albert buttons CS 91 and CS 92 are indeed Waterbury backmark Confederate General Service CSA buttons, but it points out they were made after the war for Confederate veterans. Yours doesn't match the post war backmarks: CS 91 says Waterbury Button Co./Extra and CS 92 Waterbury Buitton Co./Waterbury Ct These were made in like the period 1870.

Confederate Army Staff Officer's Coat Button. CS 21, 22 mm. This fine Confederate button was produced by the New Orleans firm of Casimir Rouyer. Absolutely loaded with gold plating and in superb condition with sharp details.C. ROUYER N.O. bm. is present but partially obscured by black flux from the shank being soldered. $2250.0 P.W.G. button backmark. 6 years ago. Yes the button does have the (I) on the front. Here is an image of the button. Any information would be appreciated. Share. Share. reply #4. Help with Id Button and Insignia. Please help me ID this button. I found this button in my driveway. It says Gmi cadet 1851 on front and back says fine gilt

button date made 1823 - 1829 place made United States: Connecticut, Waterbury Physical Description gilt brass (button material) copper (shank material) Measurements overall: 3/8 in x 3/4 in;.9525 cm x 1.905 cm ID Number 1982.0090.09M catalog number 1982.0090.09 Various backmarks. These were worn on the classic 5 button Fatigue Blouse through the late Indian Wars and the Spanish American War. These buttons have been in storage in a button collection for over 60 years and are in pristine condition. Backmarks will vary This dug button has a central eagle surrounded by stars. All on a lined field. 80% gilt remains with green verdigris scattered. This is a three-piece cuff size button. Unreadable backmark. (532-194)

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Confederate Infantry Block I Two Piece Button-Backmark: rmdc E.M.L/&C. Listing ID: 14726927. Item #: 5699 T0219-12. This auction is unavailable for bids and/or shipping outside of the Continental United States. Current Price The backmark is MASON & CULLEY WILLIAMS TOWN, dating this button to 1852-1854. From 1838 Water Police dealt with crime, looked for runaways and dealt with customs. Port Phillip Patriot and Melbourne Advertiser, 10th August 1840 page 5 DETECTING REFERENCE LIBRARY. Costume Jewelry ID -1. Current Metal Prices. BUTTON ID 1. BUTTON BACKMARKS. Library of Congress Map Collections. USGS MAP SEARCH. British Sterling Hallmarks - 1

Backmark reads Feine Qual, and there is a little paint remaining in the stripes on the front shield! 4 (broken) and 5-6 are large and small flat buttons from the farm site. 4 has a backmark I can't make out, this one has brownish rust.. I did manage to subsequently ID a few of the buttons in addition to Btns id of the Legion of Frontiersmen (Nos. 4). 7. Kings Colonials Mess Waiters Button 8. 6th Dragoon Guards Carabiniers - Hunt Button 12. Oxford Military College (1876-1896) and I have a feeling that 11. is something like the Duke of York's staff - but that is only a possible american military button makers and dealers; their backmarks & dates. Fredericksburg. 1996. 135p. This is a comprehensive study that is an invaluable tool in identifying buttons and what period they were manufactured

Brass Buttons on Sale! (Click here) Military Uniform Buttons: Victorian Era and WW I : Britain, Canada, and the United States. See also our wool and military braid and trimmings section. P- Pewter G- Gold Plated S- Silver Plated. P then B = in 1855 buttons when from Pewter to Brass. ( Image colours vary from lighting and oxidation Wood, Carved, Flat Top, 2 Swirling Feet, 2 Stretchers, 2 1/2 x 10 x 4 1/2 In. illustrated. 2020. Read More Not just any button, mind you - the Navy button. That small, black, anchor-imprinted jewel which, along with 12 of its cousins, comprise the only means used to anchor the lower half of the world's most widely-recognized uniform, the crackerjacks. This shortage can only mean on thing, according to rumor control - there is a move afoot to.

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1910 Rimmed Crown Buttons, Silver - 21mm - Sold individually. New Imperial German 21mm 1910 Rimmed Crown Buttons for use on tunics. These buttons are approximately 21mm in circumference, are hollow backed, premium quality, three piece construction silver style as found on the WWI Feldrock The button has traces of gold gilt around the figure but is unfortunately pressed a bit in the center. The shank is still filled with Civil War thread. The button has an RMDC Scovill backmark.--$125. Two absolutely beautiful excavated floral buttons recovered from an Alabama Cavalry camp located near Midland, TN These small size buttons have an empty shield in the center. The coat size buttons have a tiny hunter or soldier in the shield. Backmark:SCOVILL MF'G. CO. / WATERBURY. And an inner ring of dots, this is the abbreviated version of the Scovill series of depressed mark early 1860's buttons. Albert MG4, Tice MG205As7 Soak it in olive oil for a couple weeks if you must, but don't risk damaging the button just to read the backmark. It is not a good idea to submerge two piece (hollow) buttons into any type of liquid. The reason is the liquid may get inside the button and be hard to get out and get dry, and could cause more damage/deterioration over time

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The selling list shows buttons identified as belonging to particular families, but it is not practical to include all the families using that design. References are made to Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland (FB), Gwen Backmarks: Sherlock & Co. 15 King St.. The button depicts a fluted anchor over crossed cannons, with high quality English manufacture, intended for Confederate officers. This die pattern features anchor with four bands on a lined field over CSN with a rope border. Courtney & Tennent was a Confederate outfitter and importer. The backmark is the very desirable COURTNEY & TENNENT. Here is a Beautiful Excavated GI 71 ca. 1820s-1830s Army General Service button, also known as the Great Coat button! This one has a wonderful green and plumb patina on the front that highlights the device very nicely. The device is an eagle at top, over the letters U*S, with an oval at bottom This dug button has a central eagle surrounded by stars. All on a lined field. 80% gilt remains with green verdigris scattered. This is a three-piece cuff size button. Unreadable backmark. (532-194)

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Greetings from across the pond. Just dug a very early Royal Regiment of Artillery style flat button with a drilled post shank with the three balls across the top of the shield over three canon without a backmark from an early colonial site today. Send me an email address and I'll post a couple of images. Could date to mid 1600s or later The face of the button has some of the original gold gilding remaining with an excellent look. This one has the original back and shank intact with the scarce correct pre-Civil War backmark of BENEDICT & BURNHAM / WATERBURY EXTRA / SUPERFINE. It is the version listed as figure MS36 in Albert's button book and MS210H in Tice's button book War Of 1812, Relics of the War of 1812- Officer's silver button- 76th Regiment of Foot- 1st Battalion in Lower Canada from August 1814 to 1827. Main engagement: Plattsburgh. Scarlet/red facings, silver buttons and narrow lace; men's lace with a black line, square ended and set in pairs USBTN 10. US Navy Officers Coat Button ca. 1860. NA 131, 23 mm. Scarce Fouled Anchor on a lined field used by Chief Petty Officers. Civil War HORSTMANN & ALLIEN NY. bm. with rays. Flawless and loaded with gold. $250.00. no images were found. USBTN 11. Dug Federal Navy Coat Button. A beauty. No ground action and a lot of gold. Approx. 20.