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Heddon Lure Hardware and Box Identification 1904 to 1930 . By Dr. Michael Echols . A flow chart and photos to help you identify the time line when early Heddon lures and boxes were made based on hardware and lure body form. Heddon early boxes and hardware time line: 1904 (Heddon started use of brass cup rig hardware Modern Heddon Colors & Codes. Beginning in approximately 1990, Heddon began assigning numbers to lure colors in addition to the use of letters. The color number is particular to the lure model so there can be a #01 for two different lures and the color and description can be different

Heddon early catalogs: lure color plates and actual examples of box paper brochures; Heddon lure box examples: a key to dating the type of lure that you have and linking them to the hardware. Heddon boxes and hardware: Lure Hardware Identification and how to identify and date a Heddon lure and what box is correct for what hardware This table lists the series numbers for Heddon lures, along with the lure's size, type of material it was made from, the date is was first cataloged, and the date is was last cataloged. The table is in numeric order starting with the lowest series number. If the number is underlined, you can click on the number to see a larger picture of the. Heddon sequences according to: Joe Stagnitti. 1. Down bass box...Stamped on the Spinners on long side with red, white, or blue border is first.This is for a cup rigged bait and probably extends into the first l-rig period.(Heddon's Dowagiac Game Fish Minnow on top) There are two stages of this box: If the end only has Pat., Dec. 1, 1902 this is the first stage box for Stamped on the. History. Lures. Reels. Rods. Other Stuff. Hours Location. Heddon Books. he Heddon Museum has over 2,000 lures, spanning the entire 82 year history of Heddon in Dowagiac (1902-1984), as well as prototypes - both before and during that period. Included in the collection is an early hand carved frog, two rimless cup Dowagiac Experts, one in.

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Though this site provides a lot of information on this lure, I've co-authored the book The Heddon River Runt Identification & Collector's Guide on all of Heddon's River Runt lures, both wood and plastic, including color charts, value listings, histories of every model and other information that is not presented on this web site company name changed to James Heddon & Sons and in addition to the fishing lure product- line Heddon began manufacturing high quality baitcasting rods. James Heddon died in 1911 and his sons, Will and Charles, continued the business and transformed it into an American fishing tackle industry giant. Identification and Dating Guide Page

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THE HEDDON RIVER RUNT IDENTIFICATION & COLLECTOR'S GUIDE . by Tom Jacomet and Dennis Boulais . Available at Whitefish Press!. Released at the 2011 National Fishing Lure Collector's Club Nationals Meet in Louisville, Kentucky, this book is the most extensive work ever written on Heddon's most popular fishing baits Pre-1920 Heddon fishing lure identification. By Dr. Michael Echols. A flow chart to help you identify Heddon pre-1920 fishing lures. 1. Your first stop is the propeller. Does the propeller have writing on it? (Name on prop). If it says 'Dowagiac' on the prop, then you have a post 1912 lure. If there is no writing on the prop, (No name on prop. 109P Shiner Scale. #3: If the code on the box is a number ending in '0' (zero) AND there are letters following it, the letters are indicative of the color or finish for that lure. This applies to Heddon codes used from 1946 to date and in a few instances, some lures produced before 1946. In 1946, Heddon changed their bait numbering system Heddon 1 908 color chart contract lures from Norvell-Shapleigh Hardware Co. Colors by rarity for selected early Heddon lures, two pages. Old yellow and old rainbow Heddon colors. Early and later sienna colors of Heddon lures. Color chart for identification of Heddon box numbers. 1904-1912 model 100 body shapes and boxes Heddon Fishing Lures. Heddon Fishing. Lures. The first of the commercially made Heddon lures was the Dowagiac Casting Bait known to collectors as the Slopenose. It emerged in 1902 and was in the product line for about a decade. This lure features the cup hook hanger patented by James Heddon & Son in 1902. The early white box is hard to find

Heddon Black Sucker: This wooden beauty is almost 6 long with large glass eyes, has a front spinner and an intact tail. It is extremely rare and in beautiful Natural Scale finish and probably is the nicest known example of the very few of its known kind. This lure was produced by Heddon out of Dowagiac, Michigan and comes with its matching box The lure's articulated legs and lifelike bulging eyes make this one of the more collectible fishing lures on the list. 3. The Antique Fishing Lure Most Likely to be Seen in an Art Galler In this Heddon Lure gallery you will see examples made by James Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan. This, the second of the Heddon Lure Galleries has a few pieces which you wont see in or on any other Antique fishing lure web site.This Gallery Focuses on Heddon lures predominately circa 1930s and earlier. Included are some prototypes that came out of the Heddon archives and off the infamous Heddon. The Hinkle Lizard is an early plastic jointed lizard fishing lure really ahead of its time in design. Double jointed and with an offset outrigger hook setup on one of the sets of hooks similar to a Helin Flatfish, it is really unlike anything else you will find. Production began in 1949 by Joseph Hinkle in Louisville, Kentucky


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  1. Heddon is the world's oldest fishing lure manufacturer in continuous production, and that kind of history doesn't happen by accident. Since 1894 - more than 100 years - Heddon's been on the leading edge of fishing lure technology. Heddon makes the lures you know and trust, such as the Zara Spook, Tiny Torpedo and the Spit'n Image.
  2. Lure is in condition shown with light age and or wear. Please view all the pictures. This would make a nice addition to any vintage or antique lure collection. James Heddon and Sons Antique Lure Makers 1902- Current/EBSCO Much can be said as to how Heddon the giant fishing lure company survived. Adapted, and changed the fishing lure industry.
  3. Also marked on the bottom, as most Heddon lures are, this one is known as the Vamp model. It was produced over several years in many different colorways. Like the Punkinseed lures, each different color must be evaluated individually considering the condition as well as how the lure is decorated. A smaller version known as the Baby Vamp was also.
  4. Made in Ohio in 1900, this lure has a propeller at the front and rear, treble hooks and yellow eyes. Two versions of this lure are worth $10,000 today: the 3-Hook Minnow and the 5-Hook Minnow. Heddon Night Radiant $10,000 This lure, a Heddon creation of 1912, is a topwater plug with a bloated head and a slender rear
  5. Heddon Vamp Lure The Heddon Vamp Lure is a series 7500 and measures 4 1/2″ in length. This antique lure was first produced in 1920, and from then on was a regular staple in the James Heddon and Son fishing lure lineup for over 50 years. This antique fishing lure was made in a wide [
  6. Heddon Books ounded by Joan & Don Lyons in 1996 and located in the former Heddon manufacturing facilities in Dowagiac, Michigan, the Heddon Museum is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the many contributions that the Heddon family made to the City of Dowagiac and the sport of fishing

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  1. Lure expert Russell Lewis meets that demand with this new reference, Heddon Plastic Lures. 1,500 collectible lures produced by the groundbreaking lure manufacturer from the company's beginning in 1924 to 1984 when the company was sold, are shown in full color for easy identification, accompanied by current collector pricing
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  3. t in the properly numbered box. This rare piece was found in Florida among a cache of unused baits stored since the 1920s
  4. The Punkinseed was the iconic sunfish-shaped lure manufactured by Heddon beginning in 1940. It was originally offered in two styles — the #740 Floater and the #730 Sinker, both of them wood.
  5. t, likely never fished. Color is green crackleback. This big bait, made in the early and mid-teens for musky fishing, has four internal belly weights. These lures are both rare and valuable

Other vintage Heddon fishing lures of note from the 1930s and 1940s include the River Runts, the #350 Musky Surface lures, the Flap-Tails, and the bird-like Crazy Crawlers. After World War II, Heddon continued to innovate with bass lures, fly lures, and better rod technology Opinions can hardly deny that Heddon is arguably king of the hill among many antique lure collectors. It is noted that the company had it's beginings in 1902, but it's roots may actually travel as far back as the mid to late 1800's. At the turn of the century, James Heddon whittled his first hand carved frog, and thus the Heddon saga began Miscellaneous Lures David Charette: Rare Color Paw Paw Dean Karouzos: Creek Chub #2341 Pikie Todd Grimes: Miscellaneous Lures Bill Robinson: Arbogast Jitterbugs Gibby Gibson: Heddon 300 Surface Minnow Bill Roberts: Creek Chub Spinnered Sarasota Rick Osterholt: SoCo Chief Bob Hart: High Forehead Heddon 300 Jerry Pardus: Heddon 150 - Tough Color. Click here to see Fishing Lures from and 1865 Shipwreck. You can browse old and antique lure catalogs, such as the Creek Chub Lures or Shakespeare, and Heddon Lure Catalog, or Distributors such as Pritzlaff or Rueben Woods. These pages will show fishing lure ads for the fishing items of your interest and helping you date your old lure or reel Heddon Crackleback Lure Model 8050 WYC 4-1/2 Fishing Lure EX. $45.00. Heddon Crackleback Lure Model 8000 WYC Fishing Lure NIB. $45.00. Heddon Fly Rod YELLOW Frog Model 85 YF Pop Eye NEW OLD STOCK IN BOX. $125.00. Heddon's Dowagiac Torpedo Model 130 Shiner P Color Code NEW IN BOX with Paper

The earliest, prehistoric lures were made of bone. China was the first civilization to make fishing lines (of silk, of course), to which they attached delicate bronze hooks. One of the founding fathers of the nascent fishing-lure industry in the United States was the son of a furrier named Julio T. Buel of Whitehall, New York. Between 1852 and. The Heddon Lucky 13 is series number 2500 for the regular size, and series 2400 for the Jr. The lure spanned the test of time and was made in some shape or fashion since the . The Lucky 13 lure was arisen out of the Wiggle King lure in the late teens. The Lucky 13 I believe was cataloged first in 1920, in a Red Border Heddon Dowagiac Down Bass Box Hours Location. Heddon Books. he James Heddon and Son, Co. was founded in 1902, by James Heddon and his sons, Will and Charles, to produce a single fishing lure, the two hook Dowagiac Expert. The company quickly expanded, and within just a few years was one of the country's leading manufactures of fishing baits and fishing rods

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  1. For lure information, I refer to the book -- Identification and value guide Old Fishing Lures & Tackle, 5th Edition by Carl F. Luckey. Probably the best and most up to date lure value guides are the current bids on eBay
  2. nows with copy on one side; three Wilder-Dilg lures plus 12 other lures and 11 men's pictures on reverse. McClean Mercantile Company, St. Louis..
  3. Other Heddon lures such as the RIver Runt Spook and the River Runt Spook Floater and the Heddon Go-Deeper River Runt Spook all came in unusual colors, too. Here is a case introducing the Heddon Tiny Punkin Spin which was a relative of the Heddon Punkinseed line of lures that first emerged in the 1930s. The Punkinseed Spook lures are plastic and.

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Heddon Comando - nice pair of soft plastic baits made by Heddon. They are in EXCELLENT condition. Sold as a pair. $15.00/pr. he632. Heddon Luny Frog #3500B - very nice circ 1920's lure made of pyralin, a ceramic-like material. The lure is in EXCELLENT condition and comes in the correctly marked box. $375.00 Fishing Lure Collection. In this segment we talk with Lew Kornman who collects antique fishing lures. Find out some history and interesting facts about som..

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Heddon Cataloged Lures 1902-1984: My new favorite book on Heddon. By Joan Lyons. This is a huge book and the first of three her and her husband are writing. Truly a masterpiece of information on all of the lures Heddon made. You won't believe how big this book is In the late 1890s James Heddon cast his hand-made lure into a Dowagiac, Mich., pond and the ripples are still expanding. It marked the beginning of a new era the artificial fishing lure era. Founded in 1902, Heddon was one of the pioneer manufacturers of artificial fishing lures Vintage Heddon Wood Weedless Wizard/Widow Intro-220 Fishing Lure-Green Scale-Coming With No Eyes& The 1-Hook Configuration For your consideration is a 1920s Heddon Weedless Wizard/Widow Intro 220 Fishing Lure-Green Scale-Coming With No Eyes& The 1-Hook Configuration The Heddon Weedless Widow(first called Weedless Wizard) came with six colors when they were introduced in 1928-this is one of the. Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure 2120 Series. The Heddon Crazy Crawler Lure 2120 Series antique fishing lure was first introduced in 1941. This Crazy Crawler lure made by Heddon of Dowagiac, Michigan would be a great seller for Heddon over the next few decades.The offered the wooden version in three different models and corresponding sizes Heddon Dowagiac Minnow. Vintage Lures. Multiple versions of this lure exist and every one of them is worth some money. If yours is in mint condition with the box, get ready for a payday. These can range anywhere from $50-$10,000 depending on the condition

Vintage Heddon Tiger 1960s 3 1/4 Green and Black with Red Stripes Fishing Lure. Heddon- Tiger Lure This is an antique lure with stylish color and style that will look great in anyone's collection. This lure is originally made in the 1960's· The Heddon Tiger is a 3 1/4 cat. Series# Hook- 1020 lure that weighs ½ oz Synopsis: This is the perfect lure guide for any collector. It fits nicely in a corner shirt pocket, or pants pocket to help collectors quickly and accurate identify 1,000+ old fishing lures. Listings for top lure companies such as Heddon, Shakespeare, Creek Chub, Pflueger, Paw Paw and South Bend include up-to-date prices, and detailed. History and value of Heddon Rods. James Heddons & Sons of Dowagiac, Michigan, was an innovative fishing tackle company famous for its production of fishing lures and bamboo fishing rods. From its beginning in 1911 until the end of production in 1956 the company produced some of the finest moderately priced bamboo fly rods ever manufactured. The Arbogast's 1941 Hula Popper, a vintage lure in its own right, drew off of Heddon's topwater design and added a rubber skirt. Rebel, Storm, Rapala and just about every other lure company has. Great lure for the collector. Shipping is $4.35 in the usa $6.49 Canada and $7.00 the rest of the world. Heddon Punkinseed Lures Nice Set 9630. Very Nice Set High Grade Vintage Heddon Punkinseed Set of 7 Fishing Lures. Checkout Pictures for Final Grade of Actual Items You Will be Receiving

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Vintage Heddon Tiny Lucky 13 Fishing Lure. $. 3.14. 1d 12h 40m 35s. 3 bids. $3.49 Shipping. Location: Middletown,OH,USA. This is a vintage HeddonTiny Lucky 13 fishing lure. Lure is in good condition but does have some wear Every Heddon Lucky 13 produces a deep, resonating sound that drives gamefish crazy when it's chugged. Long considered one of the best lures made for catching schooling fish, the size and action of the lucky 13 makes it a true fresh and saltwater multi-species bait. Species: Bass, Pike, Speckled Trout, Redfish, White Bass, Saltwater Multi-species The lure was designed as a surface bait and was intended to resemble a small bird. The Heddon Crazy Crawler was manufactured in several sizes and styles. While most of the lures had painted eyes, some were manufactured with painted tack (zinc) eyes. One of the more rare body styles was a pointed conetail body The Heddon Frog Lure is another contender for the rarest and most sought after antique fishing lure. In 1897, honey-maker James Heddon started hand carving wooden frog lures to give to honey distributors as a way to persuade them into buying his honey. Heddon went on to found the first artificial lure company in 1902 10. Heddon Zara Spook 11. Smithwick wooden wheelhouse popper 12. Paw Paw Aristocrat shiner 13. Dalton special 14. Bagley 007 15. Wright & Mcgill Miracle Minnow 16. Heddon river runt 17. Bagley bang-o-lure 18. Southbend minnow maybe? 19. mirrolure 20. jointed floating rapala 21. older Rebel minnow 22. Dalton special 23. Smithwick water gator 24

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Invented by beekeeper and newspaperman James Heddon, this turn-of-the-century lure was named after Dowagiac, Michigan, where Heddon worked. Originally sold as the Dowagiac Casting Bait, Heddon. Heddon 150 Dowagiac Minnow, Saltwater Finish, Toilet Seat Hardware, Yellow Glass Eyes, Heddon Engraved Props. Heddon 150 Slim Body Dowagiac Minnow, Tough Red Scale Finish, L-Rigged Hardware, Glass Eyes, Heddon Marked Props. Heddon 109R Dowagiac Minnow, Natural Scale Finish, Toilet Seat Hardware with Upward Leaping Bass Box.

*** Classic Fishing Lures Identification and Price Guide by Russell E. Lewis ** Covering the collectible lures of the six most popular lure manufacturers in North America-Heddon, South Bend, Paw Paw, Pflueger, Creek Chub and Shakespeare-this is a full-color book. The book features a history of each manufacturer, with nearly 2,000 listings of. Lure Collector's Corner The purpose of this page is to showcase some example's of my collector friend's and fellow club member's collections and/or some of their favorite or rare antique lures. This will be a work in progress and will continue to grow as I receive more examples to add to it The National Fishing Lure Collectors Club (NFLCC) is a non-profit, educational, international organization founded in 1976. The primary objectives of the NFLCC are to foster an awareness of fishing tackle collecting as a hobby and to assist members in the location, identification, and trading of vintage fishing-related equipment It soon rose to become Heddon's best selling family of fishing lures, and one of the most famous (and productive) lures in history. In this book, Heddon scholars and noted collectors Tom Jacomet and Dennis Boulais have combined forces to create the definitive guide to all things River Runt Although the Fred Arbogast Company was not founded in until 1930, Fred Arbogast, the avid angler, was making and selling fishing lures as early as the mid-1920s. Working by day at the local Goodyear plant in Akron, Ohio, Arbogast spent evenings in his basement, perfecting metal and rubber lures with names like the Weedless Spin-Tail Kicker and the all-metal Tin Liz, both of which had real.


The Heddon Vamp was first introduced in 1920, when Heddon's lures were still made of wood and had glass eyes. The Vamp remained a very popular lure for the company for over 50 years and was particularly deadly on pike, musky and bass. The Flap Tail, mentioned above, was basically a Vamp lure with an added metal attractor added to the tail A one-of-a-kind Musky Charmer Minnow was sold in 2018 for $21,000, which is an eye-popping sum until you learn that the most ever paid for old fishing lures was $101,200 for a Riley Haskell Minnow in 2003. Vintage Heddon, Shakespeare, and Pflueger lures are valuable collectibles, but there are many from less well known manufacturers Heddon Rod Company. Heddon was a long established tackle company with a history of producing good split cane rods. Heddon started making glass around 1950. Production continued into the 80s. Over the years, Heddon produced a range of glass rods—some good, some bad, and some gaudy

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Heddon was one of the world's largest tackle manufactures having its start in Dowagiac, Michigan sometime in the late 1890s. James Heddon was initially a lure maker but decided to add reels to his fishing tackle line in 1917. Heddon's early reels were extremely well made so as to compete with the best reels being produced at that time Heddon Bug-a-Bee S1-Blk- early 1930's fly rod lure made by Heddon. The Bug-a-Bee was made from 1931 - 1938. This is in the black color pattern. It does have some chips on the one side as seen in the pictures. Still a nice early fly rod lure. $95.00: fl157 : Heddon Bug-a-Bee - early 1930's fly rod lure made by Heddon. The Bug-a-Bee was made from. Apr 13, 2019 - The Heddon River Runt Identification & Collector's Guide Changes and Additions. Apr 13, 2019 - The Heddon River Runt Identification & Collector's Guide Changes and Additions. Pinterest. White Bodies Vintage Fishing Lures Bass Fishing Lip Types White Eyes Blue Pearl Colour List The Collector. More information..

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Sep 9, 2017 - Explore Stephanie Gush's board Antique Fishing Lures, followed by 105 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about antique fishing lures, fishing lures, old fishing lures A comprehensive book on S-S lures will alleviate much of this confusion. It is entitled: Shur-Strike Minnows: The History, Models & Colors of Creek Chub's Shur* Strike Lures, by Rick Osterholt. It can be ordered from: www.whitefishpress.com. Many colors were painted specifically for certain stores with an angling department Mr. Wakabayashi used the below picture of Mr. Harbin pointing to a Heddon Radiant lure in his 1980 Old Tackle Story for the popular Japanese Fishing magazine. In his article Mr. Wakabayashi explained he had acquired many old lures along with identification information from the famous Mr. Harbin from Memphis, Tennessee, USA Apr 13, 2019 - The Heddon River Runt Identification & Collector's Guide Changes and Additions. Apr 13, 2019 - The Heddon River Runt Identification & Collector's Guide Changes and Additions. Pinterest. Vintage Fishing Lures Fishing Tools Fishing Bait Fishing Stuff Fishing Tackle Lure Making Blue Pearl Vintage Wood. More information.. Lure expert Russell Lewis meets that demand with this new reference, Heddon Plastic Lures.1,500 collectible lures produced by the groundbreaking lure manufacturer from the company's beginning in 1924 to 1984 when the company was sold, are shown in full color for easy identification, accompanied by current collector pricing

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This Heddon/Smith lure was the only Zaragossa Jr. Mr. Harbin had in his collection at this time so he placed this gift lure in his rare Heddon collection case. June 27, 1998 nearly ten years later Mr. Orii wrote Mr. Harbin after reading the Old Tackle Story that Mr. Tsutomu Wakabayashi published in the Fishing magazine back in 1981 and 1982 lure belongs to Kirk Atchley. Orange/Black Spot. 7509V Heddon introduced a few new colors for their lures in 1926 and used them on several models. Three of the new colors: Red Scale (7509H), Blue Scale (7509X), and Orn/Blk Spot (7509V) were offered for Vamps until 1929 and then dropped. Vamps in these colors are rare and very tough to find. Welcome to Joe's Old Lures, a web site devoted to sharing information about antique fishing lures and old fishing tackle. Look around these pages and you will see pictures of hundreds of antique fishing lures in my collection, along with some historical information about many of the companies that made antique fishing lures and tackle Clyde was gathering lures from 1964 until 1976. He began to collect in specific areas around 1976. He collected many lures from many different lure company's but Heddon was definitely his favorite. He described himself as a Heddon nut. This was about the same time the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club was organized

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Clarence E. Zahn lure mentor and close friend swapped this material to Mr. Clyde Harbin. Mr. Zahn visited the Arbogast factory in July of 1981 during a NFLCC swap meet that was held in Akron, Ohio. Clarence Zahn met with Arbogast President, Dick Kotis and received this signed copy of The First Fifty Years and 1982 Arbogast Catalog moman43usa: I am far from a expert on fishing lures but am thinking this is a wooden river runt-hope you can get more opinions on this. moman43usa, 10 years ago Thank you Lee. With that little information I belive I found it to ba a Heddon Lucky 13 Lure. Mystery solved on one comment, thanks. lundy, 10 years ago it may be a hula poppe The standard Heddon river-runt-spook is their model 9110. It's weight was 1/2 ounce and 2 1/2 inches long. In the Heddon vest-pocket catalog, it states this lure was available in 12 different colors Jul 6, 2021 - Explore joey w's board lures, followed by 149 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fishing lures, lure, antique fishing lures