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Une mode de qualité et durable au meilleur prix. Découvrez-là sur hm.com ! Devenez membre pour la livraison gratuite et illimitée. Trouvez les articles parfaits Hustle and Show - NBA Top Shot Pack - READ DESCRIPTION Confirmed Order. $149.99. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Seller 99.5% positive Seller 99.5% positive Seller 99.5% positive. NBA Top Shot - Series 2 (Release 32) Base Pre-Registration - UNOPENED . NBA Top Shot Rising Stars - Pack In Account *SEE DESCRIPTION*. Condition is Brand New. Just got a pack from the 3/7/2021 drop. Once payment is received we need to find a method for me to open the pack live for you. The moments will then be gifted to your account. All moments will be sent! Message me for any questions The NBA Top Shot is a cryptocurrency-based platform that has risen rapidly in popularity in recent months. The platform has registered sales worth $31 million since it went live in October 2020 NBA Top Shot Announced 'Trade Tickets' For Unwanted Moments And A Chance To Get Rare Season One Packs. NBA Top Shot has continued to grow amid the NFT boom of 2021, and on Friday the Dapper.

So you want to invest in NBA Top Shot, but don't want to waste your money? If you're somewhat familiar with NBA Top Shot then you know that your best chance of acquiring a rare or valuable Moment is to purchase a pack. Simply, packs are your best bet for a good ROI. Packs contain anywhere [ NBA Top Shot was created by a company called Dapper Labs with a partnership with the NBA. It uses blockchain technology to allow users to buy digital moments from NBA games. Those moments. A newly filed lawsuit alleges that the sale of NBA Top Shot Moments is in violation of the federal Securities Act of 1933, which is a law that aims to ensure investor protection when.

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  1. NBA Top Shots are sold in packs: limited edition, sold for a limited time. Once a pack is sold out, the only way to get the NBA Top Shots in it is on the peer-to-peer marketplace
  2. NBA Top Shot is a block-chain based platform that is taking the playing card market we all know to unprecedented heights. The TOP sale for a # Top Shot has dropped a total of 31 packs. If.
  3. The official community for NBA Top Shot - collect your favorite plays and own the officially licensed NBA Moments! | 226,361 member

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The great thing about NBA Top Shot is that you can make money whether you believe in it or not, all you need to do is get a pack, and from there it's essentially a free lunch (take that economists) The hardest part about getting into Top Shot is getting a pack. They don't drop on a schedule, and often the 20k or 60k packs available have hundreds of thousands of people waiting to buy them NBA Top Shot was announced in the summer of 2019 as a partnership between the Association and Dapper Labs, which maintains the technology behind the blockchain-based platform where people can buy. When I began working on this story two weeks ago, I created an NBA Top Shot account and attempted to buy one of the $9 common packs just to play around with the platform, but they were sold out

May 14, 2021, 2:35 PM · 5 min read. A new lawsuit charges that the sale of NBA Top Shot Moments violates the federal Securities Act of 1933, a law designed to both safeguard investors in. At the very top of it all, profits from NBA Top Shot come from pack sales, where 100% of all money spent is revenue, and from the marketplace, where a 5% fee is taken from each exchange

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$5m+ has been spent on NBA Top Shot, making it the world's biggest sports blockchain product. Of the revenue, ~65% is direct sales of highlight packs (95k+ packs sold) and ~35% is marketplace volume from secondary market trading NBA Top Shot is similar to traditional trading cards, offering packs for users to buy and a secondary market to buy and sell highlights. Packs range in price from $9 to $230 A common pack, for $9 USD (which goes to Top Shot, and therefore in part to the NBA), contains nine common Moments. Over 1000 of each of those Moments has been produced, and there's no maximum Dapper takes a 5% cut of every sale on the NBA Top Shot marketplace, which CEO Roham Gharegozlou said accounts for the majority of sales for the product. The short-term on Top Shot is bleak

Packs are currently sold out, but Top Shot has been organizing pack drops that double as site stress tests in which 5,000 users can purchase packs. More than 90,000 people waited in the. Over the last seven days, NBA Top Shot saw $46 million in transactions. There was a time when NBA Top Shot struggled to sell its packs that now have hundreds of thousands of people waiting in line. NBA Top Shot has just hit 30 mil in Marketplace sales the past 24 hours. Love to see so many new faces building up their collections. For example, last year, a LeBron James dunk went for $3,800.

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This is a DIGITAL ITEM. No physical item is being sold. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or ta The NBA Top Shot team is increasingly placing restrictions around collector access to certain pack drops; the criteria is ever-changing and typically includes a few different qualifying factors, but in the two gated rare and legendary drops to take place this April, 20 Moments or $100 in marketplace activity would have qualified you for both NBA Top Shot is the biggest new phenomenon in the world of the NBA. Top sale amount: $3,5000 Pack: Base Set (Series 2) No. 2 increase: Pascal Siakam block against the Los Angeles Lakers on. Significance: NBA Top Shot Debut: Basketball All-Star Jayson Tatum crosses over Paul George and steps back to hit a game-tying three-point shot. 3. LeBron James dunk, $175,00 That moment is offered for sale by 31 users on NBA Top Shot and the most it has sold for is $42,000. However the Antetokounpo moment was sold on Goldin Auction, a separate sports memorabilia.

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  1. g digital collectibles platform, NBA Top Shot, just completed its most anticipated NFT release yet, selling 10,631 packs of basketball videos hashed to the Flow blockchain for.
  2. NBA Top Shot buyers can purchase 'packs' of NFTs that feature famous in-game moments. These 'packs' are available for prices between $9-$230 on the NBA Top Shot website. Much like Pokemon trading cards, the specific contents of each pack are unknown; you have to purchase them in order to find out
  3. NBA Top Shots Charting and Alerting Marketplace Charts and Marketplace Price Alerts for NBATopShot.com Set alerts for when a moment drops below a certain price on the market place. Get alerts when a new pack is for sale
  4. Half of Top Shot's users have paid for packs or in trades, and between 150,000 to 250,000 log in every day. The sterling growth numbers come as the broader NFT market gradually cools down from.
  5. The pricing of the direct sales of the Top Shot packs range from $9 to $230 dollars and currently, 25,000 units of each pack are released with a total of around 400,000 packs issued so far. The quantities were smaller in the 2,000-3,000 range for earlier packs and sometimes less, making these rarer
  6. On Feb. 26, for instance, more than 200,000 collectors waited in an online queue for the chance to buy one of just over 10,600 new virtual packs of those NBA Top Shot moments in Dapper Labs.

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  1. Parts and elements of being a collector are all about kind of finding steals of deals and NBA Top Shot and just the instantaneous nature of being able to pull a great moment from a pack.
  2. The NBA Top Shot craze doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. On Tuesday, someone sold a highlight of LeBron James' fastbreak dunk against the Houston Rockets for $179,000, making it the second.
  3. NBA Top Shot is taking over. The best way to start your Top Shot journey is by grabbing a pack. Packs are relatively cheap and the Moments inside would usually give you a 2x or 3x return on.
  4. NBA Top Shot is an online-only collection of highlights from around the league and they can be obtained by buying packs or purchased via auction format. For those that have played FIFA or NBA 2k, think of it like Ultimate team or My Team, you spend money to open packs, only these 'cards' are a video highlight
  5. NBA Top Shot is an online company launched by Vancouver-based blockchain company Dapper Labs, and backed by the NBA, that allows users to procure a collection of digital basketball highlights, and.
  6. NBA Top Shot is the biggest new phenomenon in the world of the NBA. Let's take a look at the biggest movers in the marketplace on March 17th. - Page
  7. The crypto and NFT markets are tanking, but Club Top Shot is here to pick up the pieces. The crew discusses how the NBA playoffs will impact the Top Shot marketplace, the LeBron James Cosmic non-sale, dream NBA Finals matchups, players whose moments would pop if they made a Finals run, and the play-in game
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While the product's current value of $15 million is dwarfed by NBA Top Shot, the idea is a lot more ambitious than just selling cards. Despite the much smaller player base, the average sale price of $283 in March was more than 80% higher than their NBA competition NBA Top Shot, owned by Dapper Labs, sold over 200,000 packs of highlights at a price point of $9 in a recent digital asset pack drop sale. A LeBron James dunk highlight from NBA Top Shot was sold.

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NBA Top Shot was created by a company called Dapper Labs with a partnership with the NBA. It uses blockchain technology to allow users to buy digital moments from NBA games The first time anyone could purchase a Moment from a pack in NBA Top Shot was June 15th, 2020, as part of a closed beta; the open beta started on October 1st, 2020 What is NBA Top Shot? Now we can explain NBA Top Shot. In a few words: it's virtual trading cards that feature highlight videos. Much like a paper Pokémon card or Magic the Gathering card, you can buy virtual Top Shot cards in packs containing items of varying rarity - which can drive up its price Dapper Labs has lit the world on fire with NFT hit NBA Top Shot. But like any LiveOps game economy, this market could collapse if not managed properly. of 32,000 All-Star Packs will go on sale. NBA Top Shot is built on Flow, a new blockchain built by Dapper Labs.Flow ensures scalability to the size of the NBA fanbase and removes the friction that makes it difficult for an average fan to.

While Top Shot Moments packs can go for as cheap as $9 each, individual Moments in the marketplace can fetch anywhere from $4,000 for a Steph Curry assist to $100,000 for a Zion Williamson block. First Card Pack Sale starts 26 March! The first edition of MotoGP™ card NFTs with early print numbers is about to drop. The first sale begins on 26 March 2021 at 9 am (UTC). There will be 3 different types of card packs on sale. To help ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to obtain a pack, a maximum of 1 pack can be purchased at once With NBA Top Shot, the secondary market (called the marketplace) is also operated by the same company, and the NBA/NBAPA gets a payment on every transaction. So, if a LeBron James moment is sold 50 times on the marketplace, all of those entities would get a cut 50 times View all 200 Moments they've collecte Source: A screenshot, nbatopshot.com. Listings for NBA Top Shots have begun appearing on the major eBay marketplace, as holders of the blockchain-based collectibles look to profit from the surging interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs).One NBA Top Shot Premium Pack is currently on sale on eBay for USD 2,500, while dozens of other packs are being sold for anything from USD 5 to USD 1,800

More 2021 NBA Playoff Packs Release Soon. The Eastern and Western Conference Finals proved to be legacy-defining. And on Friday, you'll get a chance to grab two of the most memorable Moments of the Playoffs so far. When the third release of 2021 NBA Playoffs Packs drops on Friday, it'll come with three guaranteed Moments -- two from the. An exciting era of memorabilia has arrived with a new generation going digital with NBA Top Shot. A LeBron James NBA moment is the most expensive to have been sold so far at $210,000. 'Dunk, From the Top (Series 1)' was a stunning two-handed reverse windmill slam dunk he performed during a game against the Houston Rockets on February 6, 2020 This balance can be used to purchase moments or packs in the marketplace. It can be converted directly into fiat through ACH or into USDC to be used on Ethereum. KYC expectations. In order to comply with financial regulations, players of NBA Top Shot, will go through a KYC process when larger sums of money are either being spent or paid-out The latest Tweets from Top Shot Collectors Lounge (@TopShotLounge). An NBA Top Shot collectors podcast // Hosted by @willmanso and @adamsmoo

The NBA and Dapper Labs teamed up to create NBA Top Shot and deliver individual video highlights or Moments that can be sold for anywhere between $9 to $230 USD. The packs are limited edition and. 2021 ALL STAR GAME PACK - NBA Top Shot - Unopened pack READ DESCRIPTION. Buyer must have an NBA Top Shot account in order to receive the item via send feature on the NBA Top Shot website. Please feel free to message me prior to purchasing. I will record a video of the pack opening for the buyer and send the digital moments to the buyer's account I Bought 4 NBA Top Shot Highlights -- Here's What I Learned About the New Crypto-Collectible Top Shot is a popular new use of blockchain technology, with some highlights already selling for tens. The Top Shot frenzy that has enveloped some sports fans, collectors and speculators over the past few months has also hit NBA players in an unusual way. ESPN + Continue reading this article and.

Launched last October, NBA Top Shot, powered by Dapper Labs's own blockchain system Flow, allows users to buy and sell Moments, i.e. digital trading cards that feature a clip of an NBA player. What Is NBA Top Shot? Now we can explain NBA Top Shot. In a few words: it's virtual trading cards that feature highlight videos. Much like a paper Pokémon card or Magic the Gathering card, you can buy virtual Top Shot cards in packs containing items of varying rarity - which can drive up its price I jumped out of bed immediately put it up for sale for $2,999. And then, nothing. I played the waiting game. Over the next few weeks, regrettably, I didn't follow what was happening. Until I got an email that a cool cats pack was dropping. So I opened my computer, got in the queue, and was the proud owner of my first Top Shot pack Enter NBA Top Shot — the latest evolution in sports memorabilia. In partnership with the NBA and NBPA, Dapper Labs (parent company of NBA Top Shot) captures specific digital NBA moments to sell online in digital packs to anyone who wishes to have them — NBA Top Shot (@nba_topshot) February 4, 2021 Via the Top Shot marketplace, users can purchase the moments individually or in packs with the price fluctuating based on how many copies of the moment are available for purchase and the popularity of the player who is involved

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The NBA Top Shot is on a boom, having generated $53.9 million in sales in the last week. It is a concept that is attracting the likes of NBA players, fans, and investors. Before uncovering the players who are going crazy about this, let us understand this complex business in layman's terms For the NBA and the league's players, Top Shot is a new and unique way to connect with fans like never before. NBA players open packs with fans, transact with fans, and advocate for moments to be created based on their own and teammates' plays. The economics for the NBA and players are superior as well NBA Top Shot is the hottest NFT marketplace on the planet. It's also got a big problem: Customers are complaining about exceptionally long wait times to get paid from sales of digital tokens that. NBA Top Shot also has a thriving digital ecosystem built around Discord. Using the audio forum platform was not a pre-thought strategic move for Dapper Labs, but it has now become synonymous with. Also like NBA Top Shot, the WPT plans to release the moments in three tiers: Base, Rare and Legendary. Rare NBA packs retail for $99 and Legendary ones for $999

Featured packs are consistently sold out due to strong user demand. Source: NBA Top Shot. NBA Top Shot has exploded in popularity and topped the total sales in the NFT sphere. On Feb. 23, a Legendary LeBron James moment in the Cosmic Series 1 Set was purchased for $208,000 — the top acquisition of NBA Top Shot collectibles to date. NBA Top. Top Shot Toolkit. A Chrome extension to help make informed decisions when buying moments. Get it on the Chrome Web Store. Features. Allows you to disable auto-playing videos on the packs page for a cleaner UI. Adds a chart which plots a Moment's current ask prices, top 3 sale prices, and other recent sale prices NBA Top Shot: What changed this week. Possibly the biggest thing to happen on the site this week was the introduction of time limits between buying and listing moments for sale. This was key because after pack drops last weekend, people would sell rare moments way under what the price should have been Collectors have to sign up on the Top Shot website at appointed times to await a drop, or release, of packs of moments. Demand is so high that more than 200,000 people joined the queue last.

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It joined up with the N.B.A. to sell collectible highlight clips via a new venture, Top Shot, which had $43.8 million in sales in January alone. Dapper Labs takes a 5 percent cut of each sale. — NBA Top Shot (@nba_topshot) February 22, 2021 There has been a lot of work done recently on what NBA Top Sho t is that would do a better job than I would of describing what it is in-depth. The value of the individual moments has skyrocketed in recent weeks and hype around the release of the individual packs has made them events of their own The first wave will consist of 50,000 standard packs, each containing six cards for $5. Meanwhile, the Topps baseball NFT has been compared to the NBA Top Shot, Top Shot NFTs are purchasable video clips of basketball moments. In February, one of these NFTs sold for over $200,000. Disclaime NBA Top Shot: People are buying the virtual highlight cards, but risks remain. By Bill Shea Feb 15, 2021 61. Sports cards and collectibles are having a moment. The pandemic has fueled a boom for a.

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In 2019, the NBA and its Players' Association signed a multiyear licensing agreement with Vancouver-based Dapper Labs, creators of Top Shot. There are two ways to acquire moments. One is to buy. Built using Dapper Labs' Flow blockchain platform, NBA Top Shot has generated over $230 million in sales. On the marketplace, users can purchase packs that feature during the in-game moments

The NBA Top Shot model would be video highlights, which ushers in another dimension of collecting. Upper Deck offers a digital version of trading cards for the NHL. Arda Ocal/ESP Dapper Labs' booming digital collectibles platform, NBA Top Shot, just completed its most anticipated NFT release yet, selling 10,631 packs of basketball videos hashed to the Flow blockchain for a record $1.05 million in revenue. The project's latest pack drop, which at its peak had over 200,000 hopeful collectors waiting in line for what.

In November of 2019, Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics stepped back and hit a game-tying three-pointer against the Los Angeles Clippers. Later, a video clip of the moment was issued as a one-of-a-kind Moment on blockchain and was then sold in a pack of Moments for a few dollars on a website called NBA Top Shot Top Shot's marketplace currently has multiple moments for sale for over USD$200,000. (Image: NBA Top Shot) (officially through NBA Top Shot, at least) individually. You need to buy packs. Buyers can purchase packs of random in-game clips in various amounts and varying rarities, or they can use the Top Shot marketplace to buy and sell highlights with other users Top Shot Perhaps the best-known NFT marketplace at the moment, Top Shot was launched by the NBA in July 2019 in partnership with Dapper Labs as a way for basketball fans to claim ownership of.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us Josh Hart first heard about NBA Top Shot, a platform where users buy and sell highlights called moments for thousands of dollars, in January. He was initially skeptical Moments can also be bought individually on the NBA Top Shot marketplace. As of Tuesday afternoon, the highest-priced moment for sale on the marketplace was $250,000 for a Ja Morant dunk from Dec. 11 09:40 Top Shot in the early days 11:00 Trading ETH for Moments 13:02 Cosmic Pack Openings 15:20 His NBA Fandom 16:16 Which NBA Game he would go to 16:43 Why WADES the name? 19:07 LIQUID CHAT, 10% is good 20:27 Plan Ahead 21:38 His Recent Sale 23:11 His Plan to Liquidate 25:04 His recent purchases 26:30 Advantage of being liquid 28:16 Stay. Top Shots made 36,000 or so packs available for sale and over 215,000 joined the online cue for purchase, while almost 100,000 individuals watched a live Twitch feed where two of the former NBA.