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  1. The beginning of a Gemara passage, following the Mishnah passage to which it is attached, is designated by an abbreviated form of the word the only tractate included in the Talmud is Berakhot, except for the Bible, were edited and transmitted by memory and recitation. They did not exist as written books
  2. Transcribed Image Textfrom this Question. Question 5 6.25 pts All of the following items would need to be included in a bond's indenture agreement EXCEPT: The call feature The credit rating Steps that the bondholder can take in the event that the issuer fails to pay the interest or principal The coupon rate
  3. The gemara says all who descend into Gehenna (hell) eventually leave, except for one who publicly shames his neighbor. Atoning for Embarrassment. In order to achieve full repentance for sinning, one must undergo a complex process of asking for forgiveness. The steps of the process include: First acknowledging, then regretting one's sin
  4. Included African Slavery in the Mediterranean Basin and India. The Chinese halted exploration in the 1430s for all of the following reasons except... Disinterest in trade. Gemara Bechina #3 13 Terms. Zaelig_Averch. Gemara bechina #2 8 Terms. Zaelig_Averch. Gemara Bechina 26 Terms

This is basically (a). (Except that he makes no mention of memorization. This differs from R. Bahya, R. Horowitz, et al. in that he specifies that the Mishna itself intended this brevity). Prof. David Weiss HaLivni writes similarly in Midrash, Mishnah, and Gemara: The Jewish Predilection for Justified Law, page 92 View 8_3_Final_Assessment.docx from PHL 230 at Southern New Hampshire University. 8.24 8-3 Final Assessment Final Score: 98.65 / 100 Points Attempts: 1 out of 2 1.36 / Question 1 Henotheism Otherwise, the Mishnah is virtually silent about Hanukkah, except to refer to a ner Hanukkah in Baba Kama 6:6. Only later, in the Gemara , particularly in Shabbat 21a-24a, do we see the Rabbis begin their transformation of Hanukkah with a new rationale for the holiday's significance, the miracle of the oil Question 43 Which of the following do Muslims not believe about Jesus? a) Jesus is the son of God b) Jesus was a real person c) Jesus was a prophet d) Jesus communicated with God / Question 44 Which of the following positions is maintained by adherents of Liberal Islam? a) Islamic practice can coexist with the ideas and values of a modern, progressive society. b) Islam and the Western world.

Ketuvim, the name of the third section of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), means simply Writings, which hardly does justice to the variety of religious expression found there. There is poetry — of Temple ritual, private prayer, wisdom, national tragedy, even love.There is philosophical exploration-of the wisest path in life, of God's goodness and justice The most common temperature and pressure used for autoclaving is. 250 F at 15 pounds of pressure/square inch. The most reliable sterilization indicators check for. Attainment of the proper temperature and the duration of the temperature. Autoclave tape. indicates whether the article was in the autoclave. Sterilization strips should be positioned

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The Talmud (/ ˈ t ɑː l m ʊ d,-m ə d, ˈ t æ l-/; Hebrew: תַּלְמוּד ‎ Tálmūḏ) is the central text of Rabbinic Judaism and the primary source of Jewish religious law and Jewish theology. Until the advent of modernity, in nearly all Jewish communities, the Talmud was the centerpiece of Jewish cultural life and was foundational to all Jewish thought and aspirations, serving. The Gemara responds: After noting that the verse included certain substances with the term: And cover it, and excluded others with the term: With earth, I include these substances, e.g., fine sand, which are a type of earth in which plants grow, and I exclude those substances, e.g., thick sand, which are not a type of earth, as. 1. Reading. The Gemara is written in a mixture of Hebrew and Aramaic. Rashi and Tosafot use a mixture of Hebrew and Aramaic. To learn Gemara independently, the student must reach the level where the commentaries, starting with Rashi, start to anticipate the difficulty of understanding the words V. Tools for Tosafos by Rabbi Haim Perlmutter Tools for Tosafos is a book that introduces newcomers and more advanced gemara students to the learning methodology of Tosfos. The 147 page book addresses among other topics: who were the Baaley Tosfos, Tosfos's language and syntax, Tosfos's objectives, the nature of his questioning and analysis, solutions to contradictions, how Tosfos refers.

The Gemara therefore rejects this suggestion: Rabbi Zeira said: The halakha in the mishna is not based on retroactive clarification, but rather on the following principle: The verse states: They shall take to them every man a lamb, according to their fathers' houses, a lamb for a household (Exodus 12:3), indicating that a minor's. GEMARA: R. Zerah said: The term tertimory mentioned in the Mishna--I don't know how much it weighs. But from the fact of R. Jose having doubled the measure of wine from half a lug to a lug, I understand that he means also to double the weight of meat. Hence a tertimory must be half a manna. R. Hanan b Hashem's House Is No Different Everything Except 'Leave' (Pesachim 86b The prohibition against writing Torah she'be'al peh included writing midrashim, the Gemara tells us the following story: except for the study of Mishnah. The Gemara responded that the prohibition had been further relaxed because it had become even more difficult to learn Torah than it had been in the days of Rebbe

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  1. Following, are several examples: The Gemara (Chulin 94a) outlines a prohibition against selling a sandal produced from the hide of an animal that died of natural causes. must not only include benevolent care for the well-being of our fellow-men, It is the custom not to visit those who are ill with the plague except for those who are.
  2. Bava Metzia (Talmudic Aramaic: בָּבָא מְצִיעָא, The Middle Gate) is the second of the first three Talmudic tractates in the order of Nezikin (Damages), the other two being Bava Kamma and Bava Batra.Originally all three formed a single tractate called Nezikin (torts or injuries), each Bava being a Part or subdivision. Bava Metzia discusses civil matters such as property law.
  3. The rabbis in the Gemara then analyze R. Judah's ruling. Does the word until in the mishnah mean it includes the fourth hour itself or does it mean that the fourth hour is not included? They conclude that the word until used by R. Judah means until and including the fourth hour (B.T. Berachot 27b)

Traditional commentators endued certain Torah references with midrashic or esoteric purport in an effort to counteract those who mocked them. But in so doing, they were conceding the mockers' evaluation of these texts as being, prima facie, inconsequential. Fortunately, source criticism helps us accept these texts without discomfort, obviating the compulsion to interpret them away. | Dr. 1) Following the majority to save a life (cont.) The contradiction between the two rulings of Shmuel is resolved. The Gemara proceeds to explain different halachos mentioned in the above-cited Mishnah in Machshirin. 2) Clarifying the Mishnah The language of the Mishnah concerning the obliga-tion to attempt to save a life even in cases of doubt i

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The rabbis taught: All who ascended the altar ascended on the right, went round, and descended on the left; except that those who ascended for the following three purposes (duties) ascended on the left, and went back on the same side: to pour water, to pour wine, and to offer a burnt-offering of a fowl when it was too much on the east side of. When a Ribuy is followed by a Mi'ut and the Mi'ut is followed in turn by another Ribuy, then everything is included except for one item that is totally dissimilar to the limiting Mi'ut. (This means that the verse will include more instances than the first opinion assumed.) b) [line 25] כלל ופרט KLAL U'PRAT - see previous entr We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any OTHER important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos. [1] Gemara 10a [line 34]: Should be corrected as suggested by Shitah Mekubetzes #2 The source of this principle is introduced in the gemara by way of the following baraita: R. Yosef stated [baraita]: For the sacred service (melekhet shamayim), none but the skin of a clean (tahor) animal is considered fit. (Shabbat 28b). R. Yosef attempts to apply the baraita to the Mishkan; however the gemara rejects thi iii. 163, s.v. Bible Exegesis), midrash was the one identical in content with talmud in its original sense, except that the Midrash, which includes any kind of Biblical hermeneutics, but more especially the halakic, deals with the Bible text itself, while the Talmud is based on the Halakah. The Midrash is devoted to Biblical exposition, the.

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The Gemara answers: it's all one decree (that eggs are prohibited since it's technically included in the definition of fallen fruit, it's all included in the first decree, although the reason of plucking fruits doesn't apply to it.) Tosfos asks: why do we need the reason to forbid fallen fruit for perhaps you may clim The Gemara (Chullin 116b) cites a debate among the Tana'im if chicken and milk is included in the prohibition. Rabbi Yossi Ha-Galili apparently permitted the consumption of chicken-and-milk mixtures. Rabbi Yonatan, on the other hand, included chicken and milk in the Biblical prohibition of basar be-chalav Gemara, it's in an Aramaic word. The Hebrew word for Gemara is Talmud. Which is translated in it's meaning to learning. https://www.myjewishlearning.com/category.

Cf. [G] and v. Gemara infra. This is explained in the Gemara. Lit., 'to receive', 'accept'. Without leaving any issue. It is the duty of the surviving brother to contract the levirate marriage with the widow (v. Deut. XXV, 5ff). The widow. Lit., 'smell of the mouth'. Attributing to Samuel the definition given in the Baraitha and vice versa Ok. Not exactly credible (or tasteful), but hard to argue with from the texts. Except I just found an interesting Gemara in Sanhedrin. The Gemara says that King David asked God to test him so he can attain the status of a Patriarch for the Jewish people. God tested him by having him one day notice the beautiful Batsheva bathing on her roof

United the Greek city states. The delian league was. An alliance of Greek city states. Pericles was responsible for all of the following except. Defeating the Spartans. One of the main reasons why the Macedonians were able to gain control of ancient Greece was because. The Spartans were weakened by the Peloponnesian war The Talmud is the collection of oral traditions (Mishna) with commentary (Gamera). The Babylonian Talmud is the authoritative version that continues to guide and inform Jewish religious life today. While Christians do not recognize the Talmud as part of God's inerrant and infallible Word, we should recognize that the Talmud is important to the Jewish people and religion This is following general Ashkenazic minhag; many Sefardim only start restrictions on beginning of the week that Tisha B'Av falls out on. Although there is no mention of such in the Gemara, these 'Three Week' restrictions follow Ashenazic practice as instituted by many Rishonim and later codified by Ashkenazic authorities including the Rema (Darchei Moshe - Orach Chaim 551, 5 & Haghah ad loc. The Friedberg Jewish Manuscript Society (FJMS) of Toronto, Canada. carries out many of its activities in a Joint Venture with the Friedberg Genizah Project (FGP). The aim of this Joint Venture is to further the Society's (FJMS) goals of educating the public through the study and research of Genizah fragments, manuscripts and early printings as.

It was not destroyed because the inscription included the Divine Name. Of the Temple-offerings. This was a special Court in the Temple where the refuse of sacrifices was destroyed. Literally, she becomes filled with veins. The reason is discussed in the Gemara. [MS.M.: 'suspended' The other part of the Oral Torah is called Gemara, and it involves study of in-depth, investigative, derivational and homiletic analyses of the Written Torah and the Mishnah part of Torah. That is only permitted for pious Gentiles within the subjects that pertain to the Noahide Commandments, and even within that, only study is permitted. A mishna that was included in the text of what we call The Mishna, was referred to as matnitin מתניתין, or 'our mishna.' For this reason, the beginning of a new mishna in the standard editions of the Talmud (except at the beginning of a chapter) is marked with the abbreviation Matni', מתני' in bold letters


The Gemara understands that even though Rebbi Yoshiya (3b) might maintain that the first word is used merely for its definition, if there was another word that could have been used instead and yet the Torah still chose to use this word, then this shows we can include it in a Derashah and derive a Halachah from it GEMARA: The first part of the Mishna (treating of a woman) is not in accordance with the opinion of R. Elazar b. Azaryah, who declares her (the woman) clean in that case; the second part of the Mishna, however, (treating of bathing on the third day after circumcision) is in direct accord with his own words (as will be seen in Chapter XIX.)

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[4] Galilean Tanna (i.e., one of a select group of Palestinian rabbinic teachers), one of the most eminent disciples of the martyred Rabbi Akiba ben Joseph and, traditionally, author of the Zohar (see Sefer ha-zohar), the most important work of Jewish mysticism. Little is known of Simeon's life, and what is recorded of it in the Talmud is enmeshed with legend Gemara, or completion ─follows Justinian's format in that the Mishna would be the Institutes, or elements, or first principles of a no longer oral law, while the Gemara would be the Pandects or digests, containing the opinion of learned Rabbinical doctors, except that the Gemara is not digested in a systematic method

In the three centuries following the redaction of the Mishnah, rabbis in Israel and Babylonia analyzed, debated, and discussed that work. These discussions form the Gemara (). Gemara means completion (from the Hebrew gamar גמר: to complete) or learning (from the Aramaic: study).The Gemara mainly focuses on elucidating and elaborating the opinions of the Tannaim The Israeli tune. By the mid-20 th century newly composed tunes in Israel slowly substituted the traditional chanting of several sections of the Haggadah, the Four Questions included.These new tunes, composed in the spirit of the new Hebrew musical culture, had a lively metric character calling for congregational singing rathan than by the leader of the seder

Tisha BeAv. This is the approved revision of this page, as well as being the most recent. The fast of Tisha B'av is to commemorate five tragedies which occurred to the Jewish nation: The Jews of the desert were told that they would not enter Eretz Yisrael following the sin of the spies. The first Bet HaMikdash was destroyed Megilla, they may drink liquids (except for wine), they may eat mezonos up to the size of a slice of bread (k'beitzah), and they may eat non-mezonos foods of larger quantity (fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, meat). This is called a Seudas Arai. shmura matzos from Lakewood and Skver If you are making a Seudas Arai, bayou should set a

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Th e Gemara answers: If you grasped many, you did not grasp anything; if you grasped few, you grasped something. Th is means that in a case of doubt, take the smaller number, as it is included in the larger number. Th erefore, the correct measure is the volume of a chicken egg. Th e Gemara questions this: If so, sa Organizations meeting specified requirements may qualify for exemption under subsections other than Section 501(c)(3). These include social welfare organizations, civic leagues, social clubs, labor organizations and business leagues — They differ in [the interpretation of] the following verse: And the priest shall write these curses in a book. 6 R. Meir 7 is of the opinion that curses denotes [the passages which are] actually curses; 8 the curses 9 is to include the curses which result from the benedictions; 10 'these' is to exclude the curses in Deuteronomy; 11 'the.

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[1] As is the way with translation, much of the beauty and richness of the original is lost, hence, readers are encouraged to look into the original Hebrew/Yiddish edition. The translation used in this print is a liberal one, focusing on flow and clarity. [2] In the year 5695/1935, Reb Chatche Feigin asked Rabbi Rivkin for permission to print this sefer in the Hatomim journal The Talmud and Jesus. Early editions of the Talmud cursed Jesus as a bastard, an evil man, a magician, and a fool, and claimed that Jesus was sent to hell. Consider the following: Jesus was a bastard born of adultery (Yebamoth 49b). Jesus was a magician and a fool. Mary was an adulteress (Shabbath 104b)

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The Side Effects of mRNA vaccines include the following. 1 . June 10 Thu Annular Solar Eclipse. All the signs the prophets gave, all the signs predicted in the Gemara, the Mishnah, the Midrash, everything is taking place, one by one. I will keep my soul and my mind except my decaying and aging body. This is the mystery revealed in the. Later on, following the rule of Solomon, Yerav'am (Jeroboam) ben Nevat, established a sect in the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Although these examples are proof of sectarianism from Judaism's earliest moments, the most fertile period for pre-diaspora Jewish sects was during the time of the Second Beit HaMikdash (Temple) The best new way to learn a language. Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Our bite-sized lessons are effective, and we have proof that it works. See how we do it

The interesting thing about that gemara is that Yossi ben Yoezer didn't want to repeal more decrees because he did not want to be called Yosef Sharya (Yosef the Lenient). Some things never. Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal . The Gemara (Mo'ed Katan 9a) states: There is no simcha without eating and drinking. Additionally, according to the Rishonim, one must eat bread on Yom Tov in order to fulfill the mitzvah of simchas Yom Tov (Rosh, Brachos 7:23). These are but two of the sources that form the relationship between simcha and festive meals vis-à-vis Jewish holidays The following is a synopsis of an exchange with a semi torah literate pen pal. Can you give me a brief and succinct reply? The Gemara re the Targum says it was forgotten and Onkeles restored it

The Talmud is made up of two parts - the Mishna of which there are 63 tractates or volumes and the Gemara which is an exposition or further explanation on the Mishna. Not all Mishna tractates have a corresponding Gemara and so when printed some tractates may be printed together with others, reducing the number of volumes in the printed version (a) The RITVA, based on TOSFOS (18a, DH Leima), answers that the Gemara here is following the opinion of Rabah, who said earlier (18a) that it is prohibited to put wheat in a watermill on Friday because it makes a loud noise and is disrespectful to Shabbos. The other activities are prohibited by Beis Shamai because we are concerned that one may. of a woman's obligation to read (or hear) the Megilla. The Gemara, in Megilla 4a, determines that women are obligated to read the Megilla (even though it is a time-bound positive mitzva) because they too were part of the miracle. The Rishonim debate whether, based on this gemara, a man can fulfilll his obligatio

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The following statistics on the etymology of Ruth were prepared for e purpose of gaining abetter knowledge of gralmmatical forms. Though it was at first intended to analyze only the verbal forms, the work was found so profitable that a like treatment of the other parts of speech was included I heard the following from the emissary, R. Yechiel Halpern, who was in Lubavitch in 5643 (1882), the year of the passing of my grandfather, the Rebbe Maharash.1 R. Yechiel told me that throughout that year my father studied a number of mishnayos publicly as well as a two-page leaf of Gemara, and in the course of the year he completed the entire Mishnah and the entire Shas It is very possible that, in lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem (Lamentations 1-2), Jeremiah's grief at the death of Josiah came freshly to his mind, and he digressed in his lament over Jerusalem to include the sorrow of Josiah's passing (Lamentations 3). Following this digression, his thoughts returned to Jerusalem (Lamentations 4-5) According to the Gemara, an eclipse is a bad omen for the Jewish people, with some sages extending the warning to include all of humanity. The Gemara adds one caveat, though: when the people. White is clarity. When the Gemara, in Aramaic, wishes to say a concept is clear, it is described as מחוורתא, which means white. I might add that white even symbolizes purity and simplicity; hence, the association between white and Yom Kippur. The two go together

The following chart is based on Baba Batra 14ff. Kodashim - There is Gemara Bavlit on everything except Middot and Kanim. There is no Gemara Yerushalmit on this section Taharot - There is only Gemara Yerushalmit and Bavlit on Niddah Talmud. They included: R. Yosi of Pumpedita; R. Inah of Surah; R. Simna of Pumpedita The Gemara tries to settle the question by quoting a statement which is verbatim the second half of Halakha 8, above. The Gemara rejects this proof, because, in the case of Yotzer and Ma'ariv, he says Barukh at the endunlike the case with the wine and beer blessings. The Gemara ultimately reaches no conclusion The gemara (Pesachim 106a) tells of Rav Ashi being asked as a visitor in Mechoza to make Kiddush on Shabbat morning in a way that sounded like they wanted him to include the beracha of Mekadesh HaShabbat. While he had misunderstood, the gemara implies he was willing to conform to the perceived local practice

We see that the Gemara initially assumed that it was still prohibited to study Torah from a written text, except for the study of Mishnah. The Gemara responded that the prohibition was relaxed more because it had become even more difficult to learn Torah than it was in the days of Rebbe The Steinsaltz Gemara is one of the real spiritual masterworks of our age, and indeed of any age, and we are privileged to have lived in the time of Rav Steinsaltz. which included in Nevi'im and included, exactly on Rava's principle, Every one of those brachot in the middle is a prayer for something, except one. The concluding Gemara on the last two cases within the opening Av Mishna on בבא מציעא, did not locate with certainty a Midrashic source to affix and thereby define the k'vanna of the halachot, which the Gemara brings precedents by which it learns this Mishna. Every Gemara on every Mishna, within the pages of the Talmud, follows this unique style of learning: the attachment of. The two Gemara collections make no direct mention of each other as literary works. But the names and opinions of the Palestinian authorities are very often quoted in the Babylonian Gemara; and in a similar way, though not to the same extent, the Palestinian Gemara mentions the views of the Babylonian authorities

Consider the text in Gemara Yoma (81.2): do we ever find that when Shabbos or the festivals are mentioned the term 'observe' refers to the day and the following evening? Regarding Shabbos it is written 'Remember the day of Shabbos', which includes the previous night, as the night is attached to the day that follows it. and the day of. It doesn't matter that the reason given in the Gemara is 'ruach ra'ah'. That is just their way of understanding an actual issue - food spoilage, which can include growth of the botulin bacteria. This is a classic dodge. No, Y. Aharon. With all due respect, if chazal wanted to say it was a health issue, they would have said so

This is a tough question, because both incorporate multiple elements; the Tanakh contains the Torah (five books of Moses), Neviim (books of the prophets), and Ketuvim (various writings); the Talmud contains both Mishnah (the oral law that is belie.. Hebrews 8:13 Now in saying a new, he hath made the former old. And that which decayeth and groweth old, is near its end. Since the New Covenant abrogated the former one (by its mere being commanded by God), there ought not be expected any change in the way the Jews who followed the Messiah saw themselves per se, except for that in their following the New Covenant, they distinguished themselves. On Yom Kippur, however, the Gates of Mercy open on the World of Teshuvah, a world that Hashem prepared even before Creation to provide a cure, so that the wicked can repent and the universe can return to its original state before Adam's sin. From the World of Teshuvah, a voice calls (in the words of Yirmiyah 3:22), Return, wayward sons, I.

At the basis of all Jewish sacred texts is the Torah.In its most basic sense, the Torah is the Pentateuch - the five books of Moses, which tell the story of the Creation of the world, God's covenant with Abraham and his descendants, the Exodus from Egypt, the revelation at Mt. Sinai (where God enunciated the Ten Commandments), the wanderings of the Israelites in the desert, and a. entertains the possibility that the prohibition does not include a pool that has an embankment. Stopping Sin in the Beis Hakisei T י אש ארוסיאמ ישורפא he Gemara says that Rav Yitzchak was preparing to place a jug of oil in the pool of a bathhouse on Shabbos for Rebbi's use judaism.is - evidence of perversion and misogyny in Judaism, Israel is a haven for pedophiles, Jewish Child Molestor Rabbis, pedophilia, sodomy, pederasty, Torah, Sanhedrin 54b, Kethuboth 11b, Ketubot 11b, circumcision fellatio, metzizah b'peh, eating foreskins, Jews and child prostitution, Alexander Mashkevitch, mesirah, code of silence, sex abuse, Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, Ehud Barak.

If one is forced to commit one of the following three cardinal sins: avodah zorah, arayos or murder. (b) If one is threatened in public [by one whose motivation is solely to force a Jew to violate the Torah, see Rava's statement on 74b]. (c) In times of governmental anti-Semitic decrees (Gemara end of 74a) Calling Jinja block from included file. I am building a little web application in Python 3.5, using Flask 0.11.1 and Flask-Admin 1.4.2. Instead of using Flask-Admin as an administrative interface (only used by administrators of the website), I want it to be used by all the users of the website (to take profit of its awesome CRUD generation with. If the Rambam is following Rebbi Tarfon's ruling, then why does he permit touching the Amah when one needs to relieve himself? The Gemara says that when Shmuel told Rav Yehudah to hold the Amah and urinate, Rav Yehudah was married. The Gemara, therefore, is permitting touching only the Beitzim, from the Atarah down, for a *married* man 63b 3) MOCKERY OF AVODAH ZARAH QUESTION: The Gemara says that all forms of Leitzanus, mockery, are forbidden, except for Leitzanus about Avodah Zarah.This implies that it is not permitted to mock other sinners. The Gemara in Kidushin (81a) relates that Rebbi Meir and Rabbi Akiva would mock sinners (Ovrei Aveirah) Shavuos with Rav Avigdor Miller Accepting the Torah. Part I. The Great Mind. Smoke and Thunder. When we want to speak about Ma'amad Har Sinai, we all understand right away that the chief event that transpired on that great day was the Kabolas haTorah - the Am Yisroel received the Torah from Hakodosh Boruch Hu. All together we said, with one voice, Na'aseh v'nishma - We accept