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¡Comunícate con nosotros y aprovecha nuestra promoción! Escríbenos por chat la palabra vital y obtendrás un mes de Tratamiento Grati December 31, 2012 at 11:14 am. Report. My husband Ted is a Stage 4 survivor who actually still has his bladder! He has been through Cis/Gem, Taxol and finally 5FU. The Cis/Gem and the Taxol did not work and his cancer spread to some lymph nodes. The 5Fu seems to have stopped it in its tracks Stage 4 bladder cancer survivors and uncovered a clear journey from the stories of a Charles Daniel - Bladder cancer is a type of cancer that starts in your bladder, a balloon-shaped organ in your pelvic area that stores urine. Bladder cancer usually starts in cells that align the bladder. Bladder cancer usually affects older adults, although it can occur at any age Psychologist, Karen Greene, is a survivior of metastatic bladder cancer. She was diagnosed in December 1999 at Stage 4 and here she is in 2007

Bladder Cancer Stage IV. PoP_s. Posts: 2. Joined: Apr 2010. Apr 24, 2010 - 12:20 am. Hello, My dad was diagnosed with stage IV gall bladder cancer. He is carrying a large size tumor that has evaded the liver, small intestine and possibly other organs. We were told with surgery they would be able to remove the tumor and things would be fine Bladder Cancer. Bill Doyle always knew he wanted to be on the radio. As one half of the Deminski & Doyle talk radio show on New Jersey 101.5, life was good for Bill until he was diagnosed with bladder cancer at 52. After surgery and several rounds of chemotherapy, Bill is back on the airwaves, thanks in part to the support of his family and the.

The biopsy report came back the day I arrived at MD Anderson for an appointment with Padmanee Sharma, M.D., in Genitourinary Medical Oncology. She told me I have stage 4 bladder cancer with distant metastasis to the lung. She drew a bell curve with 6 months at the top showing the average survival rate Sally Surgery, chemo for TCC bladder, renal pelvis and ureter; Metastatic bladder cancer. Susan - Delayed diagnosis, stage IV, near New Orleans post Katrina; To contact any of the above authors who have chosen not to include their email address, you can send questions or comments to the webmaster for forwarding. created 1999-07-01 last. Cancer Survivor Stories: Stage 4 Cancer Survivor - Annie's Story. Cancer Survivor Stories: Alternative Cancer Treatments & Therapies This is a series of interviews with real cancer survivors who have used a variety of alternative cancer treatments and therapies to overcome their cancer diagnosis

Bladder cancer survivor's story: in his own words. February 18, 2014. by Marie Sanderson. 50-year-old Chris Lee of Newmarket, Ont. works in hematology and began his career in the laboratory at Women's College Hospital in 1989. He moved to the Sunnybrook campus in 2010 when the Women & Babies Program relocated to the Bayview site Keep reading for a new update on Earl Groce, a stage IV pancreatic cancer survivor who continues to have treatment success on a clinical trial. We first brought you his story two years ago, and we checked in to see how he was doing in May 2019. Earl Groce couldn't believe it when his doctor told him that he had pancreatic cancer. It was stage IV Melanie's Story: I Was Shocked to Learn I Had Bladder Cancer. Although I worked in healthcare for 30 years as a genetic counselor, Melanie was shocked to learn that she had bladder cancer. She told BCAN: Melanie and her husband In 2018, a year before my diagnosis I was having heaviness of the pelvic floor that prompted me to schedule John's Story - Bladder Cancer. Neo-bladder Surgery Just days before his 59th birthday, John Hottinger found specs of blood in his urine. Since he worked for an insurance agency, he asked a friend at work to book him in with an internist. After the tests, he received the phone call from the doctor who told him to come in and bring his wife Treating stage IV bladder cancer. These cancers have reached the pelvic or abdominal wall (T4b), may have spread to nearby lymph nodes (any N), and/or have spread to distant parts of the body (M1). Stage IV cancers are very hard to get rid of completely

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  1. Metastatic Lung Cancer Stories. Lisa G., Non-Small Cell, ROS1+, Stage 4 (Metastatic) Cancer Details: ROS1+ tends to be aggressive. It can spread to the brain and to the bones. 1st Symptoms: Persistent cough (months), coughing a little blood, high fever, night sweats. Treatment: Chemo (4 cycles), maintenance chemo (4 cycles).
  2. Bladder cancer had metastasized to my liver with innumerable tumors. There were approximately 40 in my liver at that time. Since I had worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 27 years, I understood the impact of this diagnosis. I knew my time on this planet was extremely limited. I was unsure if I would reach my 49th birthday in mid-July
  3. For bladder cancer, if the cancer has spread to the regional lymph nodes, the 5-year survival rate is 36.3 percent. If it has spread to a more distant site, the 5-year survival rate is 4.6 percent
  4. Joined: Apr 2009. Apr 15, 2009 - 9:00 am. Hi, A week ago my mom was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer stage 4. I am looking for survivors. Anyone who knows a survivor. I know the statistics, the doctor has already given us a time frame, and the oncologist has told us to go for quality of life. If there are any survivors or if you are having.
  5. Janine from Ipswich was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2006 when she was five months pregnant with her son, Jonty. Jonty was born a healthy 7lb 14oz, but Janine was whisked away for urgent cancer treatment when he was only two weeks old. She underwent surgery to remove the tumour, followed by two chemotherapy 'washes' into the bladder
  6. Four Cancer Survival Stories. 1. Dr. Ruth Heidrich Unreal Stage IV Breast Cancer Survivor Story. Ruth Heidrich is the winner of more than 900 trophies. She has run 67 marathons and won 8 senior Olympics gold medals.What is more amazing is that she ran the Ironman and other races after she had stage IV breast cancer
  7. Pancreatic Cancer Survival Stories. During my Whipple surgery, my surgeon removed my gall bladder, bile duct, half of my pancreas and 27 lymph nodes, all of which tested clear. and to have a good quality of life—as a Stage IV pancreatic cancer patient, I experienced that firsthand. Now, I have a duty and a calling to share my message.

The 5-year survival rate is approximated at 15 percent. This suggests that with treatment you have a 15 percent possibility of surviving for 5 years after a diagnosis of stage 4 bladder cancer. If the bladder cancer has infected the local lymph nodes, the 5-year survival rate for stage IV is 34 percent. If it has spread to a more remote areas. Stage 4 bladder cancer life expectancy without treatment - This article also explains about metastatic of bladder cancer, treatment, and prognosis. People with bladder cancer may have questions about prognosis and survival. Prognosis and survival depend on many factors. Only a doctor familiar with the medical history of the perso Although stage 4 bladder cancer is considered hard to treat, there are options available. Treatments are usually done to slow the cancer's growth, help you live longer, and make you feel better

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  1. Herein, we report the success of this approach in advanced stage IV (heavily metastasized) cases of gall bladder cancer and colon cancer. Case presentation. Case 1: A 61-year-old woman with stage IV gall bladder cancer (liver metastasis and lymph node metastasis) underwent surgery in May 2011, including partial resection of the liver
  2. The cancer stories no one wants to hear. D uring the 11 months when my husband, Ahmad, was dying of bladder cancer, few people wanted to hear how he was truly doing. They wanted to hear about hope.
  3. Hi, my name is Tina Brock and my mother Fanida Caudelle (Faye) has battled cancer for a long time. Twelve years ago she had breast cancer. In 2004 she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She took chemo and the cancer stayed away for a year. It came back in her spleen, abdomen, and pelvic areas
  4. Rose T., Cervical Cancer Survivor></a>. I live with my amazingly understanding husband of more than 23 years, Jeff, and our five children. Prior to my journey with cervical cancer, I ran 5 to 10 miles a day and coached girls' cross country and boys' track teams. My journey began in June, 2009, as a simple twinge, like a cramp, in my lower.
  5. A relative survival rate compares people with the same type and stage of bladder cancer to people in the overall population. For example, if the 5-year relative survival rate for a specific stage of bladder cancer is 90%, it means that people who have that cancer are, on average, about 90% as likely as people who don't have that cancer to.
  6. Sylvia's Story: My Life with Bladder Cancer. Hello everyone, my name is Sylvia and at the of 68, I found out in the worst way possible, that I had bladder cancer. ☹ I retired from working in... By sylviacunningham. June 21, 2021. 0 reactions
  7. Ovarian cancer survivor: How I've managed stage IV cancer for 10 years. BY Peggy Port. After my first ovarian cancer recurrence in January 2009, I figured longevity was probably not in the cards for me. Because once stage III cancer returns, you're automatically at stage IV. So, I was expecting to live maybe two or three more years

My Story: Facing a bladder cancer diagnosis. In December 2001 my life changed. At the time I didn't realize how much it would change. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer.. This is the first entry in my journal. The previous summer I noticed urinary changes that I attributed to turning 48 years old Charles did. Unfortunately, as revealed by the post-surgical analysis, the cancer was found to have affected the lymph nodes, which statistically dropped his chances of survival to 40%. Despite ensuing aggressive chemotherapy, the metastatic cancer soon reached the liver. At this point Charles was given between 4 to a maximum of 12 months to live Dear Friends, I am happy to be able to share with you a very positive story that arrived today from Don, a friend from US who with a strong determination and perseverance is successfully fighting stage 4 prostate cancer. Don constantly shared with me his results after trying several types of treatments. I was alwaysContinue reading A Visitor Story: Healing from Stage 4 Prostate Cancer with Fastin Life is basically back to normal. These are the words of five-year stage IV pancreatic cancer survivor, Lynne Holcomb, of Charlotte, North Carolina.. In December 2015, 55-year-old Lynne was participating in one of her favorite activities - a tailgate party before the Clemson University football game

A stage 4 lung cancer immunotherapy survivor story. (as always on this site, name and some details changed to protect anonymity) . In 2015, Joe was diagnosed with stage 4 non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), adenocarcinoma. He had multiple metastases to other organs. When I met him in the hospital, I laid out the diagnosis and how the cancer was. The results of the scans came back, and it was revealed that I had stage IV prostate cancer that had metastasized to the bone. My cancer had spread to my neck, back, rib cage and spinal cord. The team educated me about my cancer, presented treatment options and allowed me to ask lots of questions Stage 4 bladder cancer includes the following combined TNM stages: 1,2. [T4b, N0, M0] [Any T, N1/N2/N3, M0] [Any T, any N, M1] There are three general types of stage IV bladder cancer. In the type classified as [T4b, N0, M0], the bladder cancer has grown through the bladder muscle and into the wall of the pelvis or of the abdomen

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In 2019, around 4.6% of all new cancer cases were bladder cancer. Bladder cancer is the fourth most common cancer among men, and ninth overall. Can bladder cancer be cured? Bladder cancer is usually treatable when caught at an early stage but more challenging to address when found later He was in stage 4 kidney cancer. Bruce went into surgery to remove the mass and eventually received immunotherapy that shrank the size of the tumor in his lungs. He is now cancer-free and credits his strong recovery to an optimistic outlook, patient support groups and his will to live life to the fullest surrounded by his family Help Mike Butler fight Stage 4 Bladder Cancer. Kimberly Wistrom is organizing this fundraiser. As you all know, we are hosting a Charity Golf Tournament on Tuesday June 15, 2021 on the beautiful greens of Ga National Golf Course. We will hit the course to raise funds for Mike Butler battling Stage 4 Bladder Cancer. Mike is only 46 years old

A Stage 4 Cancer Chemotherapy Breakthrough. Many have been faced with the all-too-common dilemma that arises when the oncologist orders a standard regime of chemotherapy to treat their advanced or stage 4 cancers, even after chemotherapy had previously failed. Patients often feel that the course of treatment can be worse than the disease itself My mother-in-law was diagnosed two days ago with stage 4 gallbladder cancer. They originally attempted to do surgery to remove her gallbladder and a little that had spread to her liver but ended up seeing that more had spread to the liver than they thought. They were unable to do surgery and said she had 6-12 months to live with chemo treatments! As most of you, this is the first for me for. Lung Cancer After Bladder Cancer. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 bladder cancer in 2018. After initial surgery and then many BGC immunotherapy infusions and countless anxiety-provoking cystoscopies, I had a recurrence after 20 months.. Stage 4 Hepatic Carcinoma Liver Cancer Survivor. My name is Cheryl Matarazzo. I am 58 years old and I live in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 hepatic carcinoma (liver cancer). I woke up one morning with a sizable lump on the back of my head, thinking it was either a spider bite or possibly a hair follicle Treating Stage 4 Bladder Cancer. These cancers are present in the abdominal or pelvic or abdominal wall (represented as T4b). They may have spread to nearby lymph nodes (any N), and have spread to distant parts of the body (M1). Stage IV cancers are not curable

Stage 4 cervical cancer is divided into A and B. 4A: The cancer has spread to the bladder, rectum or outside of the pelvis. 4B: The cancer has metastasized to organs or lymph nodes outside the pelvic area. What are the symptoms of stage 4 cervical cancer? Because stage 4 cancer is so invasive, symptoms are often widespread, significant and. Talk to a Dr. Berg Keto Consultant today and get the help you need on your journey. Call 1-540-299-1556 with your questions about Keto, Intermittent Fasting.

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Whites are more likely to get bladder cancer than African Americans, but African Americans are often diagnosed at a more advanced stage. Rates of Bladder Cancer Survival and Recurrence It is estimated that yearly there will be approximately 76,000 new cases and 16,000 deaths In this section, Cancer Council supporters share their stories. If you have a personal experience of cancer you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. In 22 days, Alison was screened and treated for breast cancer, and declared cancer free. After his own experience with lymphoma, Andrew decided to become a Cancer Connect volunteer Importance: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) followed by radical cystectomy improves survival compared with cystectomy alone for patients with bladder cancer. Although gemcitabine with cisplatin has become a standard NAC regimen, a dose-dense combination of methotrexate, vinblastine, doxorubicin, and cisplatin (ddMVAC) is being adopted at some institutions Lung Cancer Survivors Stories. The Lung Cancer Survivor stories presented on this page are stories of courage, stories of triumph over unbelievable adversity, stories of HOPE. Many of the people highlighted in these stories had their first brush with this disease via a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis. Yet, through the advances in lung cancer.

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  1. Radical cystectomy is a standard treatment option for stage II and stage III bladder cancer, and its effectiveness at prolonging survival increases if it is preceded by cisplatin-based multiagent chemotherapy.[1-4] Radical cystectomy is accompanied by pelvic lymph node dissection and includes removal of the bladder, perivesical tissues.
  2. Stage III (stage 3) Stage IIIA: Cancer has spread to the fat layer around the bladder (the perivesical tissue) and may have spread to reproductive organs, or cancer has spread to a lymph node in the pelvis that isn't close to the major pelvic arteries. The TNM characteristics are T3a or T3b or T4a, N0, M0 or T1-4a, N1, M0
  3. The symptoms of stage 4 cervical cancer can be difficult to differentiate from other diseases, so if you experience these symptoms, please see your gynecologist soon. The American Cancer Society gives us the following warning signs for cervical cancer (directly quoted): Abnormal bleeding from the vagina after vaginal sex, another sign is.

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The bladder cancer survival rates stage 4 is only 6.2%. This means that it has already metastasized or has spread to other organs in the body. This also indicates that there is a lower chance for stage 4 bladder cancer patient to survive. Treating stage 4 could be successful if there is adequate amount of treatments given Stage 4 prostate cancer is cancer that begins in the prostate and spreads to nearby lymph nodes or to other areas of the body. Stage 4 prostate cancer is an uncommon diagnosis. Most often, prostate cancer is diagnosed at an earlier stage, when the cancer is confined to the prostate It depends on the stage, but overall the five-year survival rate for people with bladder cancer is 77%. The good news is that there are many new medications for bladder cancer patients that weren. Bladder cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the United States, representing 4.5% of all new cancer cases in the country. There were an estimated 81,400 new cases of bladder cancer in 2020. This form of cancer resulted in about 17,980 deaths in the same year

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A stage 4 prostate cancer is said to exist if the final evaluation shows that the cancer has spread to distant locations in the body, which usually includes bones. Recent advances in treatment have resulted in new treatment options that reduce symptoms and improve survival Five-Year Relative Survival, Bladder Cancer, Stages I-IV. Cases Diagnosed 2006-2013. This graph illustrates the survival rate of patients with bladder cancer at Roswell Park, compared to the survival rates nationwide. Roswell Park patients, at every stage of disease, have better survival rates. 2. Relative Survival compares the actual observed. As part of a groundbreaking clinical trial, Peter Ehmer received treatment for his diagnosis of stage III bladder cancer. Prior to this, he had received three months of chemotherapy, had surgery to remove his bladder and prostate and participated in a clinical trial. While on this trial, two of his lymph nodes continued to grow The most common staging system for bladder cancer is the TNM system. In this system, letters and numbers are used to describe the cancer, with higher numbers indicating larger size or spread. T stands for tumour. Ta, Tis and T1 are non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer, while T2, T3 and T4 are muscle-invasive bladder cancer

It is generally because the cancer is detected at the later stage and that hampers the curing chances. If the cancer is detected at the Stage IV then the patient might survive only a year or less. Similar Posts: Stage 4 Liver Cancer (End Stage) - Life Expectancy, Survival Rate; Sinus Cancer The current 5-year survival rate for stage 4 colon cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, is 14%.   However, a 2017 study found survival rates for those with stage 4 colon cancer that metastasized to the liver and were candidates for removal of the liver metastases at the same time as colon surgery improved to up to 70%   Bladder cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the bladder. The bladder is a hollow organ in the lower part of the abdomen.It is shaped like a small balloon and has a muscular wall that allows it to get larger or smaller to store urine made by the kidneys.There are two kidneys, one on each side of the backbone, above the waist Immunotherapy is one of many potential treatment options for bladder cancer. This quick guide can help you determine if it's right for you Stages of Bladder Cancer in Dogs. Dogs with bladder cancer are listed as being in stages 0 to 4. Stage 0 to 1 is a tumor just starting out. They are going to be small and usually there are no symptoms present to tell you there is problem. This is problematic because a dog's prognosis is better when the tumor is caught and treated before it.

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My mother, at the age of 61 was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer on 4/25/06. It was one of the saddest days of my life. It was just one month short of my parents 40th wedding anniversary and instead of making plans for their party, our family started preparing ourselves for intensive chemo treatments my mother would receive Robert's Story: A Father, Musician, and Stage 4 Bladder Cancer Patient. Robert is a 43 year old father of a two year old son named Parker. Robert was diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 bladder cancer about a year and a half ago. Robert has received extensive treatments from MD Anderson including 2 types of chemo and immunotherapy Pam's Story. Results may vary. Pam believes a Nutritarian diet helped her beat stage 4 metastatic cancer years ago and continues to keep her in good health. My cancer diagnosis was made on December 1, 1997. Today I am living a happy and fulfilling life and appreciate every new day BLADDER CANCER SURVIVORS. Vincent Sussman . I am a Bladder cancer survivor. . Several weeks before my 80 th birthday, a grade 4 cancer was discovered in the muscle lining of my bladder. My bladder had to be removed and a piece of my intestine would be used to conduct the urine through my abdominal skin into a plastic pouch

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Cancer Survivor, Sharon McDougall. With Stage 4 Colon Cancer, Sharon McDougall, RN, was prepared for what she thought was the inevitable end of her life. But it was after she learned about the Joe Tippens Protocol and the inexpensive veterinary medicine, Fenbendazole, which is the capstone of it, that she got excited From Stage 4 to Cancer-Free: One Man's Plant-Based Recovery. Healing requires a multi-pronged approach. When Scott Gill learned he had stage four cancer he decided to forgo chemo and simply live a healthier more balanced lifestyle. He is now cancer-free. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform

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In most cases, however, stage IV cancer is not curable - but that doesn't mean that there is no effective treatment (Improving Quality of Life is a reasonable goal even if cure is not). Stage IV. Stage IV Lung Cancer Patient in Remission for Years After Immunotherapy. Nancy Hale was given a 30 percent chance of surviving three years when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. But today, six years after her initial diagnosis and because of an immunotherapy clinical trial, Hale is in remission—and blazing the trail for other patients Stage 0, or stage TA or TIS. Stage 0, or stage TA or TIS is a tumor that is just involving the mucosa, the lining on the top. This occurs in 31% of patients with upper tract urothelial carcinoma. Stage 1. Stage 1 occurs in 25% of patients, and that is when the tumor not only invades the mucosa, but the lamina propria

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Bladder cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, with around 68,000 new cases in the United States each year. Although bladder cancer affects men more than women, it can occur at any age. The prognosis for bladder cancer is fairly good, considering that 7 in 10 cases are diagnosed early, when it's still treatable Stage 4 ovarian cancer treatment. Bunten began having regular appointments for paracentesis, abdominal taps to draw fluid off her abdomen. The type of cancer cells she had produced fluid, and each week, she had nearly three liters of fluid removed. After paracentesis, Bunten literally felt the load off. She could eat and take a deep breath.

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Metastatic urothelial cancer (stage IV) If bladder cancer has spread to another part of the body, doctors call it metastatic bladder cancer. If this happens, it is a good idea to talk with doctors, usually medical oncologists, who have experience in treating it. Doctors can have different opinions about the best standard treatment plan Colorectal cancer, colon cancer and rectal cancer, symptoms vary and can show up differently for each person.Sometimes, especially for earlier stage (1, 2) cancer, there are no symptoms at all. Read how our colon cancer patients describe symptoms, along with guidelines from the National Cancer Institute Bladder Cancer In Dogs. There are actually different kinds of bladder cancer that dogs can have; fibrosarcomas and leiomyosarcomas are just some of them. However, when you hear of bladder cancer in dogs, it most likely refers to Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC). TCC is basically a cancer of the inner lining of the bladder Dr. Ahmad M Hadied answered. Let me explain: Relative 5-year survival rate 98% stage 0 88% stage 1 63% stage 2 46% stage 3 15% stage vi good luck. 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more The oncological outcomes of upper tract urothelial carcinoma (UTUC) and bladder cancer (BC) in patients treated with radical surgeries remains controversial. A retrospective analysis of the clinicopathologicla data of 228 consecutive UTUC patients and 174 BC patients treated with radical surgeries f

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If a drug therapy had produced this result, doctors would call it a remarkable success. Ed's story and protocol, submitted by his wife Beate in 2012, and an update video from 2015 are below. My husband of 34 years was diagnosed with stage 4 primary liver cancer in March 2012 Faces of Blue is colorectal cancer survivor stories, plus patients, friends and family, and others touched by this disease. This special place dedicated to a shared cancer experience. By publishing these accounts of courage, endurance, strength, and even humor, we hope to share a common experiences and provide encouragement for all affected by. Ovarian Cancer Survivor Stories. Women from across the country have shared their personal survivor stories. Their first-hand accounts offer important lessons for other women. I just feel incredibly lucky. If I hadn't mentioned the bleeding and my doctor hadn't acted as quickly and definitively as she had, the outcome would have been much. Stage 4: The cancer has spread to other areas of the body. Bladder cancer survival. The 5-year relative survival rate for localized bladder cancer varies by the type of cancer Is Immunotherapy Right for Me? If you have metastatic bladder cancer, when the disease has spread to other parts of your body, you've probably tried other treatments.If they haven't worked.

My name is Liz, I have been diagnosed with Stage III A Ovarian cancer in 2014, at 51 yrs. They removed a 2 lb. Tumor, my appendix, all Omentem, and scraped my colon. 2 nd surgery 8 weeks later removed 15 lymph nodes. 2 had cancer cells. I had 14 round of chemo with IP HER2/neu = human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. KEYTRUDA is a prescription medicine used to treat a kind of bladder and urinary tract cancer called urothelial carcinoma. KEYTRUDA may be used when your bladder or urinary tract cancer: you are not able to receive a medicine called cisplatin or carboplatin I recently met a decorated Vietnam veteran with Stage 4 bladder cancer in my clinic. cells and result in similar long-term survival. For my patient with bladder cancer, news stories of the. Survival by stage. Survival varies with each stage of bladder cancer. Generally, the earlier bladder cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome. In Canada, a high percentage of bladder cancers are diagnosed at an early stage (stage 0 or stage 1). Survival by stage for bladder cancer is reported as 5-year relative survival Stage I: The cancer has grown through the inner lining of your bladder, but not the muscle of your bladder wall.Nor has it spread to your lymph nodes or distant organs. Stage II: The cancer has. Stage 4 Lung Cancer Life Expectancy with and without Treatment. The overall 5-year survival rate for both stages of small cell lung cancer (limited stage plus extensive stage) is only about 6 percent. Without treatment, the average life expectancy for extensive disease is 2 to 4months, and with treatment is 6 to 12 months